Five Animals with Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are rare among most animals, and in most cases, is the result of a mutation in the pigmentation genes. Here are some list of animals with blue eyes


Although dogs are serviceable and known as a “man’s best friend,” those with blue eyes really do end up standing out. One of these breeds is Siberian Husky. They were developed thousands of years ago in northeastern Siberia


Cats are another animal that is extremely common in US households. Breeds that include cats with blue eyes are the Siamese, Persian, Javanese, and many more.


Ferrets’ eyes should be bright with no whitish areas when near light and even in size. Usually, the iris of a ferret is dark brown, burgundy, or red. Sometimes, however, there will be some with blue eyes depending on the type of ferret.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are arguably one of the cutest creatures on the planet. Like the other animals, they have varying eye colors, but blue is pretty rare.

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