Bearded Dragon Carpet and other Substrate Options to Consider

Choosing the best substrate, or floor covering, for your bearded dragon’s enclosure could prove to be an overwhelming task at first. Here are some different kinds of substrates available for you.

Reptile carpets are soft substrates that are not only absorbent but also gentle on the soft belly of your bearded dragon.

Reptile Carpets

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When choosing to use newspaper as your bearded dragon’s substrate, simply line the cage with large pieces of newspaper. No need to shred the newspaper as doing so may make it difficult to keep your pet’s environment clean.


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Choosing the best substrate for your bearded dragon can be as easy as a trip to the hardware store. Ceramic tiles can simply be purchased and placed in your bearded dragon’s terrarium


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This substrate is especially good for creating tunnels or hills for your bearded dragon. Excavator clay can be used by itself, or in addition to other substrates such as ceramic tile.

Excavator Clay

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