Can Cats Sense Emotions?

There are certain tactics cats use to know their owner’s emotions. One is through recognizing facial expressions, such as crying and smiling. Another way your cat identifies your emotion is by listening to the tone of your voice.

It is believed that cats do know when we are feeling down, or depressed. However, there is no evidence that they actually comfort us during these times.

Cats cannot identify bad people per se, they have the capability of sensing a person’s energy, including those who are not fond of them.

Cats  also identify fear based on their human’s body language, tone of voice, and the scent of their body. They can actually smell these pheromones we are producing and may associate it with the current emotion we are expressing.

Cats are also capable of detecting diseases and ailments. Their uniquely strong sense of smell gives them the ability to sniff out chemical changes in a person’s body that are caused by ailments and diseases.