Can Corgi's Be Left Alone?

Of all the small dogs in the world, the Corgi is definitely one of the most popular. I mean, who doesn't love their short little legs, alert ears and expressive faces.

Adult Corgi’s can be left alone, even all day, if properly socialized and engaged. The length of time a Corgi can safely be left home alone depends on its age and temperament.

As a general rule, Corgi's are herding dogs which mean they tend to be very active and very confident.

Corgi Temperament

Very young dogs and very old dogs typically have the toughest time with being left home alone. 

Age of Your Corgi

Separation Anxiety in Corgis

You'll want to take some steps to make sure you don't add to or encourage separation anxiety, even if it isn't a behavior you are worried about with your Corgi.