Can Isopods Be Used As Feeders?

(5 Things To Know)

Isopods are awesome pets. They do not disturb you and they are very easy to raise. What other reasons are there to raise isopods?

Can you use isopods as feeders for other pets? Isopods make a great feeder for pets such as reptiles, spiders, and birds.

Isopods Are Rich in Calcium

The exoskeleton of isopods is rich in calcium and can help your pets and farm animals to have stronger bones

They Reproduce Quickly

A mature female isopod can carry up to 200 eggs. From your surplus isopod population, you can easily collect some to feed your pets and farm animals.

Isopods Are Easy to Raise

Isopods are among the easiest invertebrates to raise. They are almost 100% zero maintenance pets if you can raise them in the right conditions.