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Complete Guide To Caring For A Hermit Crab

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It is important that you understand what a hermit crab is and how they live in their normal habitat before you decide to adopt.  Here is a complete guide on how to care for a hermit crab so you can make the right decision and give your hermit crab the life it deserves.

Hermit crabs need very specific conditions to survive and picking out the right tank is key to mimicking these conditions.  Once you know what you need, the local pet store can find you all the right stuff.

Hermit crabs live in warm environments, and if they are going to survive in your home, you will need to replicate that for them.  But at the same time, crabs are cold-blooded, which means they cannot regulate their own temperatures.

Hermit Crab Temperature Preference

You also want to keep the humidity of the tank between 70% and 80%.  Crabs breathe through modified gills, not lungs, so they need moisture in the air, or they will die.


They may be small, but with the right care and attention, hermit crabs can be the best pets you’ve ever had.  Just make sure to follow these guidelines and your hermit crab experience is sure to be a fun one.