Complete Guide to Caring for a Pet Rat

Owning a rat is a serious responsibility so people should learn about them before adopting one.

Bedding: Rats need shredded bedding designed for small animal cages that that is capable of absorbing waste and keeping associated odors to a minimum.

Supplies Needed to Keep a Pet Rat

It is easiest to free-feed your rat kibble and then add other types of food on a day-to-day basis, being sure to remove any uneaten food within twenty-four hours to prevent spoilage.

What to Feed Your Pet Rat

Unless they are old or handicapped, most rats don’t need human intervention to stay clean other than a sanitary cage.

Bathing Your Pet Rat

When holding a rat, never pick it up by its tail or the scruff of its neck. This is both painful and frightening to the rat.

How to Handle a Pet Rat Safely