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Complete Guide to Puppy Care 

8 Weeks – 1 Year

So how do you take care of a puppy from eight weeks of age to a year? Keep reading to find out more about the process of raising a new puppy.

Supplies Needed for a New Puppy

Food and water bowls:  Rather than focusing on a decorative bowl, simple metal bowls with a weighted bottom are best to prevent spills and chew marks from teething pups.

Dog bed:  You’ll want a dog bed for the inside of the house that is as small as the puppy you’re bringing home. Getting a bed with sides will help them feel more secure as well.

Puppies need a dog food that is specially formulated for them rather than adult dog food, as they require more protein and calories than an adult dog.

Nutrition for Puppies

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you’re bringing home a new puppy for the first time, but as long as you have some idea of what to expect, you should be able to enjoy your new companion for years to come.

Raise Your Puppy Right, and You’ll Have a Friend for Life