Do Bearded Dragons Pee?

Bearded dragons are truly fascinating creatures. One of the biggest questions is whether your bearded dragon actually pees. Yes, bearded dragons do pee, but they do not pee in the traditional way.

The bearded dragon’s ‘pee’ is a solid substance that is white in color. So, if you notice this thick, white, chalky substance in your bearded dragon’s cage, it’s nothing to be concerned or confused about.

The Bearded Dragon’s Pee: What is it, and Why?

The bearded dragon doesn’t pee that much at all. This likely has to do with how their elimination works, trying to hold onto liquid as much as possible to avoid dehydration.

How Often Does a Bearded Dragon Pee?

Spotting clear liquid when your bearded dragon poops or pees is actually a good sign that your reptile is in good health and fully hydrated.

Is Any Liquid Okay?

It’s common for a beardie to only pee 1 to 4 times in a single week, and the substance (uric acid) should be a white, chalky substance rather than traditional liquid pee.