Do Betta Fish Change Color?

Betta fish can change their colors because of a gene called the jumping gene. The most popular reasons why betta fish change colors, however, are stress, age, and disease.

Stress is the most common reason betta fish change their colors. Betta fish colors can become duller if they are experiencing stress

Why Do Betta Fish Change Color?

Pay Close Attention to Water Quality and Quantity Water quality greatly affects betta fish. Betta fish are tropical fish, so when you are caring for a betta fish, do not treat it just like fish that are native to temperature regions.

How to Maintain Betta Fish Colors

Keep in mind that male bettas have more vivid colors than female bettas.

How to Brighten Betta Fish Colors

Betta fish can change colors. You should worry when your betta fish changes color because of stress, disease, or age.