Do Betta Fish Sleep? How Often?

Do betta fish sleep?  Fish, like all living things, need sleep to survive. Betta fish usually sleep during the night, but also take small naps during the day.

The main reason it is difficult to tell when fish sleep is their lack of eyelids. For fish, you must consider the state of their brain and body position, instead of closed eyes.

Do Betta Fish Close Their Eyes?

Your betta fish may move less at night or for short intervals throughout the day.   Fish naturally seek out a safe place to rest.

Sleep Patterns of a Betta Fish

Movement slows down during sleep, but their position should not change drastically. Your betta fish should flick their gills or tail when they sleep to keep the oxygen flowing through their body.

How to Know if It’s Just Sleep

Betta fish naturally live in a tropical environment. Be sure to add a thermometer to your aquarium so you can monitor the water temperature constantly..

Betta Sleep Best in a Steady Environment