Do Cats Remember Their Owners

After Being Separated?

Pet owners may wonder if their cat would remember them if they were separated.  Many cats are considered beloved members of the family.  Sometimes, however, cats are separated from their owners.

Do cats remember their owners after being separated? Yes. Studies have shown that cats have excellent memories, especially long-term memories.  This allows cats to remember people - long after they have been separated

Cats and Long-Term Memories

First, some good news - most cats have a long memory, especially for the things that matter to them. Research shows that cats remember events that have either a very positive or very negative impact.

Will My Older Cat Remember Me?

As they lose brain cells, a cat’s ability to hold onto memories goes down as well. So, if your cat is very old when you get separated, it is possible they won’t remember for long.

Will My Kitten Remember Me?

Similarly, very young cats have brains that are still developing.  Thus, long-term memories may not form in young cats and kittens in the same way as adult cats.