Do Chameleons Smell?

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Chameleons are able to adjust their skin tone to blend into their environment. But the same cannot be said of the smell they produce. 

Chameleons do smell. While this famed reptile does not possess scent glands that produce offensive odor, it can still be smelly.

Do chameleons smell?

Chameleons smell for various reasons. Some of these reasons are directly related to the chameleons, while others are due to their environment.

Do Chameleons Have a Sense of Smell?

It is unclear whether chameleons smell each other or not. The most dominant sense in chameleons is their sight.

Do Chameleons Smell Each Other?

It is not evident whether chameleons can smell their food or not. Chameleons might also be able to detect their food through vibration.

Can They Smell Their Food?