Do Corgi’s Shed?

Tips for Keeping Them Groomed

Do Corgis shed? Welsh corgis have a double coat that helps keep them dry but also causes them to shed, a lot!

If you love Corgis, do not let their shedding deter you from owning one. Once you understand why they shed and how often, you can learn ways to minimize how much of their hair ends up in your house.

Corgis shed a moderate amount! While they do not rank as the highest shedding dog, a corgi sheds a moderate amount of hair each day of their lives.

How much do Corgi's shed?

A double coat means that the dog has two layers of fur. The outer layer is a thick coat of coarse hair, while the bottom layer is a soft undercoat of hair.

What is a double coat?

Although they have very different origin stories, both breeds look similar and have the same shedding habits.

Do both breeds of Corgis shed the same amount?

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