Do Dogs Get Embarrassed? A Look at 7 Dog Emotions

Do dogs get embarrassed? There is evidence that shows that dogs do get embarrassed, but not the same way we do.

The Facts of the Matter – Simple Dog Emotions

Love Whether it is snuggling up to you to take a nap, just to be close to you, or giving you a few kisses when you are busy, just to remind you they are there, dogs are experts in affection.

Anger While sometimes an angry dog can appear as a fearful one, the differences can become apparent quickly. This can lead to what tends to be labeled and “aggressive” dog, but that is not always the case.

Complex Dog Emotions

Guilt Is it possible that one of the dogs feel guilty for something they did or something that they joined in on doing? While there can be a variety of explanations for these reactions, one of the simplest is reacting to human emotions.

Embarrassment Can dogs get embarrassed by a bad haircut or being put in a costume? No, probably not.  I think, and this is where science is conflicted on the issue, that some dogs may be embarrassed by their actions IF and only if they are not acceptable doggie actions.