Do Dogs Need a Bed?

Most dogs do need a bed but not every dog bed is created equal. Many dog beds provide a soft cushion for dogs to rest that not only helps their joints and muscles, but also helps them to feel safe and secure.

Dog beds help support a dog’s joints, bones, muscles, and health during those long hours. A better sleep means your dog will be smarter, healthier, and even have a better memory!

Young dogs that are still potty training do not necessarily need beds in their crates, unless you plan on cleaning them daily. Adult dogs that are fully potty trained do need a bed in their crates. A dog bed in the crate will make your dog feel more at ease and significantly more comfortable.

Some dogs are chewers by nature and cannot help but want to destroy their dog beds. If for some reason chew-resistant beds are not match for your dog, then you may have to consider either no bed for the time being or using a thick blanket instead.

Small dogs can sleep on cat beds because they are made similar to small dog beds. Larger dogs would have a harder time sleeping on a cat bed due to its smaller size, but they may not stop them from trying of course!