Do Dogs Need Blankets?

Some dogs’ skins are not thick enough to withstand the cold for a long time, and for some, their fur is not enough to provide the much-needed warmth. Besides warmth, blankets give your dog a sense of security and more comfort.

With time, dogs learn how to snug out of the covers whenever it gets uncomfortable. To avoid discomfort, train your dog to sleep half-covered to give room for free and sufficient breathing space.

A dog’s fur isn’t enough to keep them warm in the winter. As a matter of fact, they do need blankets during winter, because they can get cold both indoors and outdoors, and a blanket is just what they might need to keep warm.

At least one blanket is recommended for a dog during summer since the season can bring with it wind, rain, and chilly weather. Blankets will help your dog stay warm whenever the need arises.

In their crates, dogs need blankets for comfort. A dog bed or a foam mattress would come in handy too. The blanket needs for the dogs vary from puppies to fully grown adults, also depending on their health and other factors.