Do Ferrets Smell?  Yes! But We Have Tips To Help!

Yes. Ferrets have a unique musky scent that is singular to only ferrets.   Most animals in the Mustelidae family have their own distinct smells, and ferrets are no exception to this.

Why do they Smell? Unneutered ferrets tend to have a more heightened level of pungency since the oils in their skin are also releasing their hormonal scents.  While ferret’s anal glands do indeed excrete their musky scent, they typically only do so in a sudden spray

Can you Make your Ferret Less Smelly? There are certain tactics one can take to reduce the level of smelliness in one’s ferret.  Bear in mind, however, that ferret’s will always smell a little bit regardless of which methods you take.

Clean Environment Another way to ensure your ferret is as ‘okay’ smelling as they can be, is to keep their rooms clean.  This means cleaning a ferret’s cage, bedding, etc. once a week.

If you get a ferret for a pet, you can guarantee your ferret will be a little musky smelling.  Getting your ferret spayed/neutered will reduce the intensity of this smell, but the overall cause is due to oils in their skin.