Do Golden Retrievers Bite?

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular pet dogs in the world. Their friendliness, loyalty, intelligence, and devotion make them stand out amongst many other breeds. Yes, they do bite.

Many people seem to believe that Golden Retrievers bite a lot. But some other people believe that this conclusion might be inaccurate. One vital factor that will determine how often a Golden Retriever bites is how you raise it – how you train it.

Luckily, Golden Retrievers do not typically bite hard. So, most times a Golden Retriever bites, it would feel more friendly than threatening.

Once they get used to seeing new people, they would not go around biting them except they sense a threat. With Golden Retriever puppies, things may be slightly different.

If you do not nip their nipping in the bud quickly, they may become accustomed to biting as they grow. Consequently, they may become aggressive biters as adults.