"You might wonder how guinea pigs bring their young into the world. Many animals give live birth to their babies while others lay eggs and hatch their young."

"Guinea pigs are mammals and they do not lay eggs. They go through a full pregnancy period and go through labor to bring their offspring into the world. ."

Do guinea pigs lay eggs?

"Signs are Enlarged abdomen, Bodyweight increasing, Little to no appetite, Difficulty breathing, and Showing weakness when walking.."

How to Tell if they are Pregnant

"These white eggs may be mites or flystrike. These are common among pets and a simple shampoo can cure this quite easily."

What to Do if You See White Eggs on a Guinea Pig

"Give them vitamins, mainly Vitamin C and Vitamin D, through foods including kiwi, oranges, or red peppers."

Tip for Guinea Pig Births

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