Do Leopard Geckos Pee and Poop?

Do leopard geckos pee and poop? No, leopard geckos do not pee and poop.  Now, they do excrete waste in the form of urates which are just soft white chunks of waste their body no longer needs.

Leopard Gecko needs live animals for food as they do not eat any plants. Usually you can just feed them mealworms or crickets.

Food and Eating Habits

You can also dust your insects with a nutrient rich powder that will help the gecko reach its nutritional needs.

Gut Loading and Nutrient Powder

Leopard Geckos need a source of water that is changed frequently. It needs to be in a stable dish that won’t spill or splash because their habitat needs to stay as dry as possible.


Make sure to never grab their tail as it can fall off.  While the tail can grow back, it can take up to 40 days and its extra work the gecko has to do, and it is easily avoidable.

Holding Your Gecko