Parrot Bites Do Hurt – Learn How Bad

Parrots are popular and rewarding pets to have. They are as loyal, if not more so, to their humans as the average dog breeds, and they have unique personalities.

Does a parrot bite hurt? Simply put, a parrot bite does hurt. The damage done may depend on the type of parrot, their intent and their beak power.

There are multiple reasons that will cause a bird to bite, and the best way to deal with a biting bird is to determine why your parrot is biting.

Why Is Your Parrot Biting?

No matter the size or age of your bird, a bite from a parrot is going to be painful.

How Bad Does A Parrot Bite Hurt?

Parrots are wild animals, and more than likely at some point in time every parrot owner will suffer a bite from their bird.  Training, trust and proper care are all vital components to stopping any parrot from becoming a regular biter.