Huge List of Fruits & Vegetables Dogs Can & Can’t Eat

There are a number of fruits and vegetables that are allowed to be eaten and at the same time not allowed to be eaten, by dogs.

Here are some list what they can and cannot eat.

Fruits that Are Safe for Dogs to Eat

– Apples – Bananas – Blueberries – Cantaloupe – Cranberries – Cucumbers – Mango – Oranges – Peaches – Pears – Pineapple – Raspberry – Strawberry – Watermelon

Vegetables that Are Safe For Dogs

– Broccoli – Brussel sprouts – Carrots – Celery – Green Beans – Peas – Spinach

Fruits that Dogs Should Not Eat

– Avocado – Cherries – Grapes – Tomatoes

Vegetables that Dogs Should Not Eat:

– Onions – Mushrooms – Asparagus – Tomatoes – Garlic – Rhubarb – Chives

Now that you have in hand an in-depth guide on the types of fruits and vegetables you can give to your dog, it is best that you help them maintain a healthy eating lifestyle.