Guinea Pigs Can Sleep  With Eyes Open


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Guinea pigs are wide-eyed little critters that are always on high alert. In fact, the Animal Welfare Association, guinea pigs are even born with their eyes open. 

Guinea pigs really do sleep with their eyes open. There are times when guinea pigs do close their eyes to sleep, the instances are few and far between.

When a guinea pig is asleep, he/she will be very, very still. This is not normal for guinea pigs, so if your furry friend isn’t moving around, he or she is probably sleeping. 

How to Tell if a Guinea Pig is Asleep

If a guinea pig is feeling really, really safe in their own habitat, then they maybe, just maybe, will actually shut their eyes.

When do Guinea Pigs Close Their Eyes?

Don’t worry, guinea pigs do occasionally blink. So, keeping their eyes open doesn’t actually hurt. They blink when they need to, but not anymore. 

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