Tips For Having a Dog

In An Upstairs Apartment


Just because you live that upper apartment life, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice that pupper life! You can make having a dog on an upper floor as easy as possible.

Most important thing you can do is to not only find a good and consistent walker, but to establish a routine and a relationship with them. 

Look for Local Dog Walkers

Try and reduce the amount of bark triggers for your dog before leaving for the day. Leave out hidden treats or puzzles to keep them occupied.


Smaller dogs and more chilled out dogs, though, (such as a bulldog) will thrive in that apartment life. Being breed selective isn’t a vanity project: it’s a kindness for the dog. 

Choose the Right Dog Breed

If your puppy (or dog) is small enough, consider carrying them down and out, too - that way they won’t even have a chance to let it all loose on an elevator or a hardwood lobby floor.

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