Largest Cat Breeds


and What They Weigh

Generally, a full-grown cat will not weigh less than 5 pounds and not more than 25 pounds, but if you put that 5-pound cat next to that 25-pound cat, you would be astonished.

How Big Are Cats?

Male cats tend to be larger and heavier than female cats. Weight is not a good indicator of cat size, especially in domesticated cats that tend toward obesity.


The Largest Domestic Cat Breeds

The Savannah cat became popular as a pet very quickly for its beautiful spotted coat and natural grace. Many people think these cats are heavier than they are because of their size.

Savannah Cat: 25 pounds

These cats are well known for being especially affectionate companions, but they are also on the bigger side.

Ragdoll: 20 pounds

Ragamuffins have a gentle and loving personality, making them great companions for families or seniors.

Ragamuffin: 20 pounds