6 Pet Hamster Breeds To Consider For Your Next Pet

Hamsters are adorable little creatures that provide love, entertainment, and a bit of mischief as a house pet.

The different breeds that are considered “pet breeds” have a wide variety of appearances and quirks.

Hamster Breeds

The Syrian Hamster, otherwise known as the Golden Hamster, is one of the most recognizable breeds. When you think of a hamster, these are typically the types you immediately picture.

Syrian Hamster

The Russian Dwarf Hamster possesses some of the biggest and cutest eyes you will find on an otherwise small body. Their big eyes suck you in the second you see them.

Russian Dwarf

The Winter White Hamster is very similar to the Russian Dwarf. They share many of the same characteristics in their personality and appearance.

Siberian Dwarf Hamster