Complete Guide to Caring for a Teddy Bear

(Syrian) Hamster

Hamsters are popular pets for a good reason. They're easy to care for and, of course, adorable and entertaining. You’ll most likely end up with a teddy bear, or Syrian Hamster...

Teddy Bear Hamsters, also known as Syrian or Golden Hamsters, are small rodents that originated in Northern Syria and Turkey.

What Is A Teddy Bear Hamster?

Teddy Bear Hamsters are great pets for a reason. A properly cared for Teddy Bear Hamster is docile when handled, but active, especially in the night and evening.

What’s A Teddy Bear Hamster’s Temperament?

Hamsters have incredibly short gestation periods of around two weeks and give birth to litters of between six and ten babies.

The Life Cycle of a Syrian Hamster

Syrian Hamsters are widely available at pet stores, though they might not receive the highest quality care if it’s a larger chain.

Buying a Teddy Bear Hamster