Types of Grass

Guinea Pigs Can Eat 

Guinea Pigs are very adventurous eaters, from fruits to vegetables, and everything in between. Did you know that guinea pigs enjoy eating grass?

This may be dried grass (hay) or fresh grass for a sweet taste. Guinea Pigs are able to eat and even enjoy many kinds of grass.

Guinea pigs may enjoy Timothy Grass as it has a nutty, sweet taste. Usually dried into hay, this grass is accompanied by several health benefits.

Timothy Grass

Guinea pigs enjoy Orchard Grass for its sweet taste and fresh, juicy textures. In addition to its sweet taste, guinea pigs may receive many health benefits when eating  orchard grass.

Orchard Grass

Guinea pigs will enjoy Dandelion Grass for its sharp, bold flavor, said to be similar to that of arugula, and mustard greens.

Dandelion Grass