What Do Hermit Crabs Eat?  A Guide to Feeding Them

Hermit crabs are scavengers and opportunistic eaters. In the wild, a hermit crab will eat just about anything, including carrion, fallen fruit, plankton, seaweed, and other plants.

A pet hermit crab should eat a combination of hermit crab food and fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins.

Hermit Crabs Are Omnivores

The main staple of a pet hermit crab’s diet should be a hermit crab food pellet or cake. Pellets that are specially formulated for hermit crabs have the proper amount of nutrients for your pet to thrive.

What to Feed a Pet Hermit Crab

 You can feed a hermit crab just about any fruit or vegetable as long as they are in small pieces or mashed.

Treats for Hermit Crabs

Processed foods: Foods like pretzels, bread, pasta, potato chips, and so on tend to have added salt and sugar as well as added preservatives that are not good for your hermit crab.

Foods to Avoid