What Size Tank for a Corn Snake?

Corn snakes are docile and easy going pets that make a great addition to your family. Before you bring your snake home, you will need to pick out a tank for it to live in.

If you acquire a corn snake when it is young, a 30 inch by 12 inch tank will be perfectly fine.

What Size Tank?

Although buying one large tank seems like the more economical route, it will not work out like you think. Why? Well, adult tanks often have sliding doors and additional cracks for breathing.

Why Can’t I Just Get a Large Tank Now?

If your snake is shedding fine and no water droplets are forming on the side of the tank, you probably have the humidity just right.

Temperature and Humidity Features

Flat surfaces are only fun for so long. Corn snakes love to climb for exploration and exercise.

Climbing Branches