What to Feed  Bearded Dragons

Hatchlings Through Adult

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Whether you grew to like Bearded Dragons because of their super cute cuddly faces or because they are as close as you will get to owning a dragon from legends, feeding your new pet is something you will want to make sure you do right.

Captive pets have to rely on their owners for 100% of their nutrients. That means that you must take the time necessary to ensure your bearded dragon is getting the nutrition he or she needs to grow and thrive.

"An interesting thing I found during my research is that the breakdown of bearded dragon life stages seems to vary widely depending on which resource you are consulting."

Life Cycle Stages

Treats are awesome to include to add variety. Depending on what you choose, treats can add color, texture and flavor enhancement to your bearded dragons diet.


The reality is, the babies tend to eat more like 80% insects and 20% plant matter. It is important that they have the option for veggies and greens though!

Fruits and Vegetables