Why Are My Isopods Dying?

Raising isopods is super easy and there’s no way you can go wrong, right? Well, it is easy to raise isopods, but as with anything, there are mistakes that can be made.

Here are some few reasons why your isopods are dying :

Predators in the Tank

Are the ventilation holes or net too porous and allowing predictors to get in? Predators such as centipedes and reptiles can eat your isopods.

Not Enough Moisture

Remember that isopods are crustaceans just like crabs, lobsters, and crayfishes. This means that isopods breathe with gills. Isopods receive oxygen from the moisture of their substrate.

Too Much Moisture

Too much of anything can be bad. How can too much moisture be bad for isopods if they collect oxygen from it? Well, when their substrate is saturated with water (i.e. it is waterlogged), several biological processes such as fermentation will occur in the moisture.