Why Does My CAT

Shows Me Her Belly?

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Cats are considered great pets for those looking for companionship. However, cats can be very complex creatures, especially when it comes to their behavior. 

Cats show you their belly for a couple different reasons such as trust, defense, attention-seeking, marking territory, relaxing, and/or mating. 

Cats will roll over onto their backs to expose their stomachs to defend themselves when being attacked. Cats use their back and front claws to help them attack another animal. 

Defensive Mechanisms

If your cat rolls over and is staring at you, there’s a chance that they want your attention. Do not take this as an invitation to rub their stomach, though.

Attention Seeking Lovers

Remember, your cat is not inviting you to pet her stomach. Trying out one pet at a time might be the way to approach your cat. But take heed, their claws can be wicked. 

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