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11 Beautiful Long-Legged Dog Breeds

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There’s something about dogs with long legs that makes them appear graceful and full of life. Long legs usually mean your dog is a good runner, and light on its feet.

A lot of dogs with long legs also seem to age well, and it can help them avoid some of the barrel-chested bodies that a lot of dogs with shorter legs take on as they get older.

While small dogs and crossbreeds with poodles have gotten a lot of attention in the dog world in recent years, there is a large community of dog lovers committed to the long-legged dog. Long legs often mean that you have to be careful around dogs, especially while they are young, to avoid leg breaks and joint troubles.

However, having a long-legged dog is a ton of fun. They’re usually very fast, agile, and great companion runners.

Here are 11 beautiful long-legged dog breeds.

The Greyhound

A Greyhound standing at the front yard

Perhaps what is the prototypical long-legged dog breed, the greyhound oozes grace and speed. They walk around like a coiled spring ready to go when you give the command.

Whether they are out in the park or laying on the couch, they always seem to move with grace, lifting and planting their thin, long legs with care. Watching them run is awesome.

Greyhounds also come in a miniature breed for people who love their personalities and proportions but live in a smaller space.


A Azawakhs dog standing in the yard

Azawakhs are a less common dog breed, but people who are familiar with this breed know how beautiful they are. There’s something about the proportions on this dog that seem balanced and graceful. They have long bodies, a long tail, and, of course, long legs.

They’re also well-muscled, which gives them a unique athletic look. Originally found in the Sahara desert, these dogs move and even look a bit like antelope. They were used as hunting dogs, but their beauty eventually made them a popular export.


A Whippet dog standing and looking straight at a park

Whippets are similar to greyhounds and miniature greyhounds in that they have long, delicate legs. These tiny dogs only grow to as much as around 35 lbs and are an ideal lap dog for people who want something smaller.

They need to get out for short bursts of hard exercise, but aside from that will do well lounging around at home for most of the day.

People love these long-legged dogs because they don’t bark a lot, an ideal trait for people who live in townhomes or apartments.

The Sloughi

Sloughi dog standing inside the house

Sloughis are another dog breed that hails from the African desert. They are a lot bigger than Azawakhs though, and often grow to weigh as much as 70 lbs.

They come with lovely cream coats that can transition to a bit of a reddish color, which made them very adept hunters in the reddish-brown rocks in the desert. These are a great option if you’re looking for a long-legged dog that’s a bit out of the mainstream.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound standing at the front of a gate

If you are looking for a long-legged dog that will make a statement, then you may want to consider the Irish Wolfhound. These big dogs have a distinct long, grey coat that makes them look somewhat shabby.

They were originally bred for wolf hunting, so you can probably count on them in a pinch. They do have a commanding presence, and their appearance may scare the neighborhood kids a little, but these are awesome dogs.

The Afghan Hound

A beautiful Afghan Hound dog standing on a blue table in a campsite

One of the most beautiful long-legged dogs in the world, the Afghan Hound is a sight to behold with its long, silky coat. These tall dogs grow to be as high as 30 in tall, and they will live to be around 13 years old.

Originally bred for hunting rabbits and other small animals, these dogs today can be a nice family pet. They are pricey and hard to find sometimes, so some people use purebred Afghan Hounds to signal their wealth.

Komondor Dogs

A Komondor dog standing on the lawn

You may not see it underneath their heavy corded coat, but Komondors are tall dogs with long legs. These dogs come from Hungary and have been used as guard dogs for centuries.

They look like a stuffed animal you’d find in a toy store with all of that fur, but they are strong dogs that are usually quite active.

Some people call Komondors “mop dogs” for obvious reasons, and Mark Zuckerberg is a proud owner of a Komondor.

The Saluki

A Saluki dog standing on a wooden bridge at a park

The Saluki has long legs, and its skinny frame makes them look even longer. These dogs were originally raised to accompany hunters as they tracked gazelle. They are lean and fast dogs that always seem to be on alert.

They are believed to be distant cousins to the Afghan Hound because their faces and ears look a bit similar. Salukis are known for running long distances and have incredible endurance.


a white Akbash dog standing under the scorching heat in a park

If you catch just a glance of an Akbash, you may think that you’re looking at some type of small, white bear. These are big dogs that are excellent guard dogs because they are always on alert and will bark at anything strange that comes their way.

These dogs were bred in hillside areas of Turkey and other parts of Europe, so they need a lot of space and plenty of exercise.

Great Danes

a Great Danes dogs standing in an open area under a nice weather

One of the most famous long-legged dogs in the world, Great Danes are truly a sight to behold! These dogs can be absolutely massive and can weigh over 150 lbs. They have very long legs, which, unfortunately, due to their large size, means they run into health problems a lot as they get older.

You can find Great Danes in a range of colors and coat patterns, and they are good family animals despite their imposing size.

One downside of having a Great Dane is they are so big that their lifespans are a lot shorter than other dogs.

The Scottish Deerhound

a Scottish Deerhound standing in the woods

You’ve got to be big and have long legs to earn the name, “deerhound”. These dogs are one of the tallest dog breeds in the world, and they move around with the speed and grace you would expect of a dog that used to hunt deer.

These dogs have adapted to modern living, though, and are gentle family dogs that are extremely loyal. They love some good training and plenty of playtime with the family.