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Coyote-Pitbull Mix Dogs

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In recent years, pet owners have seen an explosion in different crossbreeds that bring more options to the pet marketplace. Now, more than ever, it’s easier to find a dog perfect for you and your family. There are many different choices when it comes to hypoallergenic dogs, family-friendly animals, and pets that look and act a certain way.

One crossbreed that’s getting a lot of attention is the coyote mix.

An extremely intelligent mix, coyote crossbreeds mix the wild coyote with domestic dogs to make truly unique puppies and something most people have never seen before.

Usually, coyotes have been mixed with dogs that look at least a bit similar – think huskies and other spitz-type dogs. However, as demand for coyote mixes increases, breeders are expanding what’s available.

Now, people are getting a close look at coyote-pitbull mixes. These dogs aren’t for everyone, but in the home of the right owners, these are special dogs that bring a lot to the table.

However, there are also a lot of challenges to owning a dog that has a wild streak and a penchant for unpredictable behavior. Let’s take a look at what you should know about coyote mixes and whether the coyote-pitbull is for you.

What to Expect with a Coyote Dog Mix

Coyote dog mixes, or coydogs for short, are smart, high-energy dogs with, as you might expect, a bit of a wild streak. They are always up for some fun and are known to get into a bit of mischief from time to time.

If you’re an owner that loves to go on long runs or is always out hiking or hunting, then this could be a great choice for you. They’re also very good companion dogs that form strong bonds with owners quickly.

Typically, coydogs don’t get very large even when they mix with larger dog breeds. Most of the time, they’ll grow to be about 60-120 pounds. They also do not get very tall. They will have a strong build that delivers a trademark high level of endurance.

Coydogs vary in looks depending on what type of dog they mix with and which breed is dominant. If there is more coyote than the other dog, they’ll usually have medium-length fur with a waterproof topcoat and a thick undercoat to protect them in colder weather.

Most coydogs come in some mix of white and brown. When observed, a lot of people will probably mistake a coydog for a husky if there is a lot of coyote in it.

Half German Shepherd and Half coyote sitting on the ground

Coydog Personality

Typically, coydogs are not pack dogs and aren’t really the best dogs for families with small kids mainly because they’re not predictable. If there are other animals in the home or kids and strangers are always coming and going, it can be stressful for coydogs and they can react poorly.

Remember, these are high-energy dogs, so if they are scared or jumpy, it’s not an ideal situation.

The wild streak in coydogs means you’re going to have to spend more time housetraining them and getting them to behave how you want them to. They do best when kept in enclosures during training.

Of course, things become easier when there is a lower level of coyote blood in a coydog. It all depends on what sort of appearance and heritage you are looking for.


Coydog-Pitbull Mixes

Pitbulls are wonderful pets for a lot of people, but they still struggle with a bad reputation and owners who don’t know how to handle them.

Pitbulls are known for being extremely loyal and loving dogs. However, there are times when that loyalty gets in the way around friends and even other family members.

With a coydog-pitbull mix, you can expect more of the same. You’re getting some of the loving personality that Pitbulls are known for, but with the unpredictability of a coyote tossed in.

What you get is a dog that can be interesting to own and a lot of fun for certain people. Just know that it’s not for everyone, though.

If you’re a first-time dog owner, this probably isn’t the dog for you. Likewise, if you’re very social, live close to homes with dogs, or have kids, you should think twice about getting one of these pups.

One thing to be aware of, if you’re still interested in a coydog-pitbull mix, is that coydogs tend to have more health issues long-term than your average dog. Combine that with some of the trademark pitbull health concerns, and you could be spending more than you’d like on visits to the vet.

These pups are going to require a diet that is high in fat and protein to feed their high energy levels and keep them in good shape.

Many coydogs eat a lot of raw meat in their diets, something that is foreign to a lot of dog owners.

They should get food two or three times a day and have access to water at all times because they’ll be spending most of their days running around in the yard chasing birds. These aren’t dogs that are going to lay around doing nothing all day.

Understanding Your Dog’s Bloodline

With coydogs, perhaps more than with any other dog, it’s important to understand their ancestry and what types of dogs are mixed in, as well as what percentage of coyote you are getting. It’s going to have a massive impact on their lifespan, personality, and how well they will react to your efforts to bond with them and train them.

Coydogs are great pet options for the right people in the right circumstances. Again, perhaps the most important thing you can do before buying or adopting a coydog-pitbull mix is to ask what percentage of dog breeds is in the dog.

It will help you prepare for what you’re in for and provide a safe, nourishing environment for your puppy that will help you form a stronger bond much faster.