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Cutest Rabbit Breeds

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Rabbits are naturally adorable little creatures, however, there are simply some rabbit breeds that unequivocally rank as the cutest of the cute.

There are so many charmingly sweet rabbit breeds that once you learn about a new one, you’ll have a hard time deciding which one is really the cutest.

Be prepared to argue with yourself on which rabbit breed ranks cuter as we travel through our list.

Here is a list of the 13 cutest rabbit breeds today.

a cute little lionhead rabbit on a wooden platform

Lionhead Rabbit

Lionhead rabbits are by far one of the cutest rabbit breeds in the country. They are small-sized rabbits that have a woolly mane that makes them look somewhat like a male lion.

Lionhead rabbits typically weigh between 2.5 and 3.75 pounds as adults. They have short, adorable ears that stand up.

They can be either white with stark ruby eyes or tortoise-colored, which means some combination of chocolate, black, blue, or lilac fur.

They can be either single or double-maned. Single-maned lionhead rabbits tend to have thinner manes near their heads. Double-maned lionhead rabbits have thicker manes of fur that cover most of their bodies.

A white holland lop cute bunny beside a wooden water bowl in the garden

Holland Lop

Holland lops are another one of the cutest rabbit breeds, however, they look remarkably different from lionheads. They are small-sized rabbits that top out at a maximum of about four pounds as adults.

Holland lops have utterly charming long lop ears that hang down the sides of their faces. They have compact bodies and their fur is short but comes in several different colors and patterns.

Their fur is very dense and soft. Holland lop rabbits are docile, friendly, and energetic.

A gray English Angora rabbit resting on the green grass

English Angora

English Angora rabbits are undeniably one of the cutest rabbit breeds that you can raise. They are small, ranging from 4.5 to 7.5 pounds when fully grown.

They have insanely soft angora fur that covers their whole bodies, including much of their faces. The English Angora rabbit has long, thick fur that owners will need to groom biweekly.

English Angora rabbits are so cute they are often referred to as looking like a little teddy bear. It is the smallest of the angora rabbit breeds and its hair typically covers its eyes, which only adds to its cuteness factor.

French Angora

French angora rabbits may not look like their English counterparts, however, they are still one of the cutest rabbit breeds. They are slightly larger than English angoras and tend to weigh between seven and almost ten pounds when fully grown.

Their fur is extremely dense but also very soft and silky. The French Angora rabbit has a clear face, meaning the angora hair does not overwhelm it and their facial features are easy to see.

They come in a variety of adorable colors and their ears are long and stand up. French angoras also require regular grooming, but not as intensive as English angora rabbits.

American Fuzzy Lop

The American fuzzy lop rabbit is so cute it is almost too much to handle. They are another small-sized rabbit breed, ranging in size from three to four pounds as adults.

They have long, thick, woolly fur that is super soft along with adorable little button noses. The American fuzzy lop rabbit, like its name implies, also has cute lop ears that hang down on each side of its face.

American fuzzy lop rabbits have fur that comes in a variety of colors including white, gray, brown, and more. They are friendly, but social rabbits that enjoy the company of other rabbits or toys to keep them occupied.  

Netherland Dwarf

The Netherland dwarf rabbit is cute and unlike any other rabbit breed we have discussed so far. They are very small, weighing up to only 2.5 pounds as adults.

Their ears are noticeably short and stand up, which makes them appear not only adorably cute, but also extremely unique. A Netherland dwarf rabbit’s eyes are very large in comparison to their bodies, which just adds to their cuteness appeal.

Netherland dwarf rabbits are not the friendliest rabbit on the list and do best with older children or adults that tend to handle them more carefully.

They come in almost any typical rabbit color imaginable including white, black, gray, chocolate, smoke, blue, lilac, and more.

Polish Rabbit

Polish rabbits are another one of the cutest small-sized rabbit breeds available today. They are relatively small in size ranging from 2.5 to 3.5 pounds when full-grown.

Their fur can be white, chocolate, black, or blue. They look remarkably like Netherland dwarf rabbits, but they have longer ears and less rounded heads.

Polish rabbits have thick, dense fur and they tend to be rather friendly. They are extremely smart and undeniably cute.

Rex Rabbit

Rex rabbits have more than earned their place on this list of cutest rabbits. They are simply so cute it is hard to resist their charm.

They are larger-sized rabbits, often weighing somewhere between 7 and 10.5 pounds in adulthood. Rex rabbits have long ears that stand up and noticeably large heads that add several points to their cute ranking.

Rex rabbits have rex fur, hence their name, which means they have super soft, plushy-like fur that does not have any thick guard hairs. Their fur comes in several different color and pattern combinations.

A white Dwarf Hotot rabbit outside its cage

Dwarf Hotots

Dwarf Hotot rabbits are just as cute as they are unique. They are very small rabbits, weighing a maximum of three pounds when fully grown.

They have cute small, compact bodies and short upright ears. Their distinguishing characteristic is a circle of black, chocolate, or blue fur that they all have around their eyes.

Dwarf Hotot rabbits make great pets and tend to be very social animals. They are simply adorable bunnies that have an exceptionally unique appearance.

A cute little white mini lop bunny in the garden

Mini Lop

Mini lop rabbits are one of the cutest rabbit breeds that you can adopt. They weigh around 6 pounds or less when fully grown, so they technically are small to medium-sized rabbits.  

They are thick, muscular rabbits that have super soft fur and adorable lop ears that hang down on the sides of their head. Their fur can be a variety of colors like white, black, opal, orange, and lilac, however, they tend to have white feet.

Mini lop rabbits make great pets but they do best with adults or calm children.

Jersey Wooly

Jersey wooly rabbits are so cute and fluffy it is almost too much to bear witness to. They are small-sized rabbits that only weigh up to 3.5 pounds when fully grown.

They have short, upright ears and cute little compact bodies. A Jersey wooly’s fur is short and thick but coarse, which only serves to add to their cuteness.

Jersey wooly rabbits tend to be friendly and make excellent pets.

American Chinchilla

American chinchilla rabbits are very cute because breeders bred them to resemble actual chinchillas. They are large rabbits, ranging in size from 9 to 12 pounds when fully grown.

They come in one color which is the chinchilla color, a perfect mix of black and white fur that creates an almost heathered gray appearance. Their fur is short but very smooth and soft.

They are considered rare today, but they are often still raised for their fur and meat.

a cute Flemish Giant rabbit resting on the grass in the garden

Flemish Giants

Flemish giants are a large rabbit breed and one of the cutest breeds of pet rabbits. They can weigh anywhere from 13 to 22 pounds as adults.

Their fur can be a variety of colors including grey, white, sandy brown, fawn, blue, or black.  Flemish giants have thick, dense fur that is extremely soft and cuddly.

These rabbits tend to be extremely friendly and even do well with other pets. They do require lots of room, large cages, and some grooming throughout the year.


There are so many different adorable rabbit breeds that it is difficult determining which ones are the cutest.

The truth is, all of the rabbit breeds on this list are the cutest rabbit breeds ever in their own right.


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