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Do Dogs Need Blankets?

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Dogs and blankets

Do dogs need blankets? Yes, they do need blankets.

Some dogs’ skins are not thick enough to withstand the cold for a long time, and for some, their fur is not enough to provide the much-needed warmth.

Besides warmth, blankets give your dog a sense of security and more comfort.

Cute Golden retriever dog covered with a blanket on the couch

As the dogs grow, their blanket needs might change over time, depending on their health and reaction to blankets.

All dogs are not the same, so there is no blanket rule that applies to giving your dog blankets.

It is good to have blankets for your dog(s).

In the wild, dogs pile up grass and leaves to form a kind of den that provides more comfort to them. They really enjoy doing this.

It is therefore like a natural instinct for your dog at home when, if you have noticed, they love circling and scratching around before bedtime.

It is easier for the dog to enjoy doing this with a blanket than making a mess with your carpet.

The size of a blanket to give your dog also depends on their age, size, and breed.

For the younger and smaller dogs, a smaller and lighter blanket does it well. For the big ones, thicker and heavier blankets are good.

There are a couple of factors that directly affect the blanket needs for dogs, among them the environment.

Let’s take a quick look at the different factors that a dog needs blankets.

At night

It doesn’t matter if you feel that your home has the right temperature for the dog, blankets give your dog extra comfort and make them feel more secure.

In case they get too warm, the dog can push it aside or move off the blanket. On cold nights, however, it is good to snuggle your dog extra.

Shivering, staying curled up, or refusing to go outside, all are signs that your dog is negatively reacting to the cold.

Choosing the best blanket for your dog can be a bit tricky, but it is good to choose something washable, soft, and sturdy.

Avoid those with large knit holes or fabrics not strong enough, because the dog can easily snag and destroy them with his claws or chew them.

Dogs with medical conditions also require an extra layer of protection both in their dog-beds and in their daily routines.

It is good to consult with your vet on how many blankets you should give your pet if they have conditions.

Especially heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, or hormonal imbalances, because they may pose a difficulty for the dog to regulate body temperature.

To sleep

cute dog sleeps under a white blanket with a sun blindfold over his eyes

Dogs do not spend much time under their covers because they either get too hot or may become irritated with the low amount of air when they curl up for a long time.

Companionship also matters a lot to dogs. In their puppyhood, they sleep in packs for as long as is possible and this is why sometimes they jump to your bed to sleep by your side.

This comes as a natural instinct and is a way of showing you the care it has for you, and that it considers you a member of the pack.

Providing and training them to sleep in their covers and blankets gives them the much-needed warmth that they would get by your side.

It also makes dogs with anxiety or those fearful feel calm and relaxed. In addition, dogs have a natural instinct to burrow, so they may once in a while run to their blankets to slip under for a while.

For new dogs, blankets also make them feel safer in the new environment.

How your dog reacts to blankets depends on how he has reacted to the since puppyhood or over time for the case of new dogs.

With time, dogs learn how to snug out of the covers whenever it gets uncomfortable. To avoid discomfort, train your dog to sleep half-covered to give room for free and sufficient breathing space.

In Winter

A dog’s fur isn’t enough to keep them warm in the winter.

As a matter of fact, they do need blankets during winter, because they can get cold both indoors and outdoors, and a blanket is just what they might need to keep warm.

Temperatures below 40 Fahrenheit(4 degrees celsius) could be too cold for your dog.

It also depends on the type of dog that you have and the heating conditions of your home, as some dogs do well in the cold, like the Alaskan Malamute and the Greater Swiss mountain dog.

Among other factors for consideration are the dog’s age, health, and weight.

In some instances, the blankets are just not enough to provide the much-needed warmth and it is advisable to get a dog-house with a heater for proper shelter and comfort.

It is also not advisable to leave your pet out in the cold for long, but if you must, it would be wise to invest in an insulated dog house, with lots of blankets and a heater for your dog, to avoid the adverse effects of cold to your dog.

There are health risks associated with exposing your dog to cold, like hypothermia which happens when your dog’s body temperature falls below the optimum.

This can bring a lot of complications including death.

Smaller dogs have a hard time keeping themselves warm, regardless of their coat thickness, and for the older dogs, they have a weaker immune system, which makes them more sensitive to cold.

These dogs should therefore be kept off cold surfaces, and be kept warm using blankets at all times.

In Summer

cavalier spaniel, relaxing under the warm blanket at home

At least one blanket is recommended for a dog during summer since the season can bring with it wind, rain, and chilly weather.

Blankets will help your dog stay warm whenever the need arises.

The dogs also enjoy the comfort of more blankets, especially if they are younger or older because this group has a weaker immune system and are naturally more sensitive to weather changes.

As mentioned earlier, blankets also give more comfort and security.

This is more practical when the dog is lying outdoors, as the blanket protects it from the crawling insects that could bite, and it also feels comfortable lying on one, rather than just sleeping on the grass or the rough surface.

In a Crate

In their crates, dogs need blankets for comfort.

A dog bed or a foam mattress would come in handy too. The blanket needs for the dogs vary from puppies to fully grown adults, also depending on their health and other factors.

People often put fluffy and soft bedding on the crates for nice bedding for the dog.

This can however be a bad idea, before the dog has proven that it won’t chew the bedding.

If your dog has a habit of chewing or wetting the bedding, it is recommendable to have waterproof and chew-resistant blankets for them, to avoid internal blockage and other serious repercussions.

A crate should not be fully covered by a blanket too for this could easily suffocate the dog.

This serves as a warning for those who may be punishing the dog by covering their crates. This should be totally avoided.

Adding some bedding for your dog is also recommendable, as no dog would want to sleep on the hard and bare floor of a crate.

Heated mats best serve this purpose, but only if the dog won’t chew them. Electrical heating devices are not good for dogs that would chew them.

Best dog blankets

Furrybaby premium fluffy fleece dog blanket – it has a thick, soft and comfortable fleece. It is washable and protects furniture from dog fur and dirt. It is suitable for small size dogs.

furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket
  • [Perfect Blanket for Small Pets]: A 24×32-inch small blanket is designed for puppies, cats and kitten, small dogs, such as Chihuahuas and Papillons, Pomeranians, Bichons, Teddies, Yorkshire terriers, etc.
  • [Warm and Cozy Blanket] Made of two layers of premium Sherpa fleece fabric, which warms up faster compared to a single-layer cat blanket, providing a super cozy snuggle space for your dog or cat, fearless of cold weather ights. Perfect gift for dogs/dog owners.
  • [Multi Use]: This is an ultra-soft dog throw blanket, you can cover it on a couch, sofa, bed, car seat, or dog crate to protect this furniture from scratching and pet hair and keep it clean. It can also be used with cat and dog beds, pillows, and carriers to create a great resting place for your fur baby!

Comsmart warm paw print blanket – this blanket is made of a double-sided fleece material, which is not so heavy; but provides good warmth, is soft and comfortable, making it suitable for all seasons.

You can use it on your sofas or car seats to avoid scratching or shedding.

Comsmart Warm Paw Print Blanket
  • An ideal bedding for cat carriers, beds and nest; Also perfect for sofa or car seats to stop from scratching or shedding.
  • Suitable for every season and many situations, such as warm blanket, mat pad, bath towel, picnic blanket and so on.
  • Made by double-sided fleece material, not so heavy but in good warmth, also ultra soft with comfortable touching.

Pet parents pawtect blanket – this blanket is 100% waterproof, making it the ideal blanket for your dog.

It also protects your furniture and space from scratches, shedding, and any other harm which might be inflicted by the dog.

Pet Parents Pawtect Premium Waterproof Blanket
  • 100% WATERPROOF PET BLANKET – Our premium cat & dog blankets are slobber, water, and urine proof! WickQuick draws moisture into the dog blanket, so no liquid puddles on top, slides, & spill outs like other blankets! EdgePawtector pushes any liquid into the waterproof dog blanket, & our Sherpup fabric ensures that moisture in the blanket won’t seep because of its waterproof impermeable barrier. Our dog & cat blankets will help your cuddles with your dogs, cats, or other furbabies stay dry & cozy!


Different dogs have different blanket needs. Choosing the best material for your blanket also depends on the dog’s fur, breed, and age.

Those with health conditions, puppies, outdoor and older dogs, all need thicker and more durable blankets to keep them warm.

Among the best materials for dog blankets are nylon, Sherpa, polyester fleece, faux fur, and polar fleece, not forgetting coral fleece being the most popular.

These materials are majorly machine washable, soft, and durable. They also collect the dog’s fur.