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Flame-Point Siamese Breed Profile

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Siamese cats are beautiful Asian cats that have captured the eyes and hearts of many cat lovers around the world not only because of their majestic look but also because of how affectionate and loving they can be with their owners.

These cats possess different color points ranging from blue-point, seal-point, lilac-point, chocolate-point, to even cream-point.

Flame-Point Siamese Cat resting on a white carpet

Although Siamese cats come in different varieties of point coloration, there is one special mixed breed that carries the uniqueness of a purebred Siamese cat. They are the Flame-Point Siamese cats.

In this article, we will explore the in-depth details of the flame-point Siamese breed.

History of the Flame-Point Siamese

Flame-point siamese cats are one of the varieties from many different color points of the Siamese breed.

They are also called the red flame point. These cats were borne from a crossbreeding process between a purebred Siamese cat with red-coated American short hair or orange tabby cats.

Back in 1984, one British breeder named Nora Archer began to work with the Siamese breed to create the flame-point breed. Then, another breeder known as Miss Ray started to develop flame-pointed breed by removing tabby stripes.

In the United States, the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) only accepted four Siamese varieties which are the blue, chocolate, seal, and lilac points.

But after the flame-pointed breed was developed, they began to classify this breed into another category called the Colorpoint shorthair.

This category recognizes the flame-pointed breed as identical to the Siamese purebred with its unique physical traits and coloration.

The world largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats, The International Cat Association (TICA) also recognized the flame-point cats in their Siamese registry.

In the United Kingdom, this breed was also accepted by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF).

Flame-Point Siamese Cat on a wooden table near the window

What Sets Flame-Point Siamese Apart?

Flame point Siamese cats share the same genetic make-up with colorpoint cats. Although they have the colorpoint pattern, they don’t necessarily have the same colors. To know the difference between colorpoint cats and flame-pointed cats, we will first take a look at what colorpoint cats are.

Colorpoint cats carry a recessive gene that gives every newborn kitten the same white or light-colored coat. Generally, two Siamese cats (pointed varieties) would give birth to pointed kittens.

When the kittens are still in their mother’s womb, the maternal body heat inhibits the tyrosinase enzyme that is responsible for the production of pigment.

So, they will remain white in the womb. When the kittens are born, melanin begins to appear on cooler parts of their bodies, resulting in distinct colorpoint patterns within a few weeks.

For flame point cats, one of their parents would generally be a red tabby cat. But this red color gene from their parent won’t appear because it is not a recessive trait and can’t be passed to the next generation.

If melanin production is not suppressed inside the mother’s womb, the newborn kittens will have red tabby coats. All these factors contribute to the uniqueness of their color.

Physical Characteristics

Flame point Siamese cats are slightly larger than regular Siamese cats. Typically, male flame point cats weigh up to 15 pounds while females weigh around 12 pounds.

Both sexes have a height between 16 and 21 inches. These cats possess white or cream bodies with orange or red flame points on their faces, paws, ears, and tails.

They have blue eyes, large ears, long legs, and slender bodies. In some cases, flame point Siameses can grow subtle orange tabbing markings. But generally, most of them have plain-colored bodies.

On their faces, distinctive M-shaped markings can be found, specifically on their forehead. Because they have short coats, flame-point Siamese cats don’t need frequent grooming like other cats. Owners of this breed also won’t have to worry about the loss of fur because these cats rarely shed.

Flame-Point Siamese Cat resting by the window

Temperament and Personality

When it comes to flame-point Siamese cats, they possess both personality and traits from the Siamese and the American tabby cats. They are very friendly, adorable, and always crave attention from their owners.

Statistics have shown that 75% of flame-point Siamese cats are male. Hence, they are active and love to wander around the house. In fact, if you have any fragile objects inside your house, it is always better to keep them in a closed room to prevent these cats from breaking them.

If you let them out, they will definitely roam outside the house. So, keep your eyes on them when they are outside.

Flame point Siamese cats also shared the same traits from their Siamese parents. They are chatty, affectionate, and love to play with their owners. In some cases, they can become lonely when they feel like their owners are ignoring them.

Health and Diet Considerations

Healthy flame-point Siamese cats can live up to 15 or 20 years. Monitoring their diet and keeping them active are the most important factors that contribute to their long lifespan. However, these things don’t mean these cats are immune to diseases.

Like other Siamese cats, they can experience health issues like hyperesthesia, arthritis, pica, hip dysplasia, urinary problems, and dental issues. Other major health issues that you should watch out for are respiratory diseases, heart diseases, eyesight problems, and kidney failures.

A regular visit to the vet is advisable to make sure that they don’t suffer from any of these illnesses. However, if you don’t notice any physical signs that these cats are sick, it is best to monitor their eating behavior, how active their lifestyle is, and their interaction with you.

The Price of a Flame-Point Siamese Cat

Due to the fact that flame-point Siamese cats are a rare breed and not many breeders are able to produce them, they can be quite expensive. Generally, their prices begin $400 and can even go up to $2000, depending on how healthy and beautiful they look.

If you have the intention of purchasing a flame-point cat, be extra careful when the breeders or sellers are putting a cheap price tag on it. You might be purchasing an unhealthy cat or a fake flame-point Siamese cat.

Flame-Point Siamese Cat sitting by the windowsill

Other Color Points For Siamese Cats

Aside from flame-point Siamese cats, there are other colorpoint varieties that you should know. For instance:

1. Chocolate-Point

Chocolate-point Siamese cats have milk-chocolate colored points and beautiful cream-colored bodies. These cats also possess chocolate coloration of their paws, tails, noses, and ears.

2. Cream-Point

Cream-point Siamese cats are born from a crossbreeding process between a red-point Siamese, an Abyssinian cat, and a domestic shorthair. These cats have soft white or creamish bodies with pink coloration on their nose and paw pads.

3. Blue-Point

Blue-point Siamese cats possess striking blue eyes with bluish-white coats that look like a lighter version of the seal-point Siamese cats. They also have slate gray coloration on their noses and paw pads.

4. Seal-Point

Seal-point Siamese cats have cream-colored or pale fawn coats with very light points. Like the cream point Siamese cats, they possess pink coloration on their noses and paw pads.

5. Lilac-Point

Lilac-point Siamese cats possess striking pink-like or gray-colored points. Being one of the famous color point varieties, these cats have white coats and lavender coloration on their noses and paw pads.

Final Thoughts

It is important to remember that flame-point Siamese cats are a rare breed. They are hard to come by and aren’t available in any local pet store.

This is due to the fact that only experienced breeders are able to produce the best version of flame-point Siamese cats. But once you are to purchase this breed, they would definitely make a great family cat.