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9 Tips for Raising a Husky in an Apartment

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Huskies are a fun-loving dog breed. They have lively character and need plenty of playtime.

Some people think it’s crazy to raise a husky in an apartment, and maybe they’re right.

The truth is that it does take a little extra effort for it to work. Before getting a husky, make sure you’re ready for the lifestyle shifts you’ll need to make.

Husky dog in headphones lying relaxing on a couch

You can successfully raise a happy and healthy husky in an apartment.

We’ll start by looking at some general guidelines for husky care and then move onto seven tips for raising them in an apartment. We’ll wrap it up with five reasons to avoid raising a husky in an apartment.

It’s not for everyone, but you can do it if you’re willing to put in the effort.

General Considerations for Raising a Husky

Before raising a husky anywhere, let alone in an apartment, it’s crucial to know the best way to care for it.

Here are the five key areas to consider when caring for your husky.


Huskies are exceptionally social dogs. They love being around humans and other dogs alike.

Huskies are loyal and enjoy spending time with their owners more than anything else.

Huskies originate from northern Asia. The people there trained them to be sled dogs to help with transportation, deliveries, and even racing.

As such, huskies love to be active and work with humans.

Huskies are very smart dogs and mischievous.

They need a lot of mental stimulation to feel happy. Although, they are easily distracted like a kid with a balloon.

Care and Grooming

Huskies are one of the most hygienic breeds you can own. They rarely smell, and grooming isn’t difficult to do.

They have a double layer of fur because of the colder climates they usually inhabit.

You must brush your husky at least once a week. Be sure to use a brush for bigger dogs to collect all the fur properly.

Huskies don’t need regular bathing. Once every few months is good unless they were running in exceptionally muddy areas.

Their nails must be trimmed as longer ones can cause them difficulty when walking.


Huskies have some of the highest energy levels of all dog breeds.

They require extensive training to live happily. It will make your life so much easier, too.

Start training from a pup. It will cement the knowledge and help you build a stronger connection. Huskies are outgoing, which makes them easy to train.

You must establish yourself as the head of the pack from the beginning.

Huskies are pack animals and only respond to the alpha. Dogs are anxious and unhappy if they don’t know where their place is within their wolfpack.

There are many books and online courses available to help you learn different husky training methods. You can try to enroll in a school if you prefer hands-on training.

You may be able to find an animal behavioral specialist who can give you detailed training based on your dog’s personal needs.

Health and Exercise

Huskies are always active. They need copious amounts of exercise to stay healthy and happy.

These dogs are the perfect pet for active people who enjoy spending lots of time outdoors.

They are ideal companions when hiking or camping, especially when well-trained.

Huskies also need exercise for their mental health.

They love working and completing tasks. It seems silly, but huskies love being in dog shows and other events. It gives them a sense of purpose.

Unlike other dog breeds, huskies aren’t prone to many illnesses.

They have a lifespan of about 12 – 15 years. The most common health issues for aging huskies are hip dysplasia and eye diseases.

Always work with a responsible breeder to minimize these problems with your husky.


Huskies must eat high-quality, high-protein dog food.

They will eat less than other dogs and still maintain a healthy weight. They need 20% less protein in summer and about 35% more in winter.

An average male husky weighs around 45 to 60 pounds, and a female weighs about 35 to 50 pounds. Keep track of how much you feed your husky.

They must never become overweight as it’s bad for their bones.

Every husky has different nutrition needs. It’s vital to monitor their reactions to food before settling on a single source of nutrition. Talk with your veterinarian for the most accurate diet plan.

Husky puppy eating from a bowl

9 Tips for Raising a Husky in an Apartment

Understanding the best way to care for your husky will give it a long and happy life.

You will feel more fulfilled knowing you took proper care of your precious pet.

Raising a husky in an apartment can seem impossible, but here are some tips that will make it a little easier.

Check the Rules of Your Apartment

Before deciding to raise a husky in an apartment, the first step is to check if your building allows pets. Many places only allow cats and small dogs.

Some landlords list huskies as aggressive breeds when in reality they are friendly and kind.

With proper training and care, they are very gentle.

Make sure your apartment has enough room for a medium-sized dog. You may need to store furniture if the space is too small for your husky.

Be sure to ventilate the apartment properly if you can raise your husky in the apartment.

Huskies prefer cooler climates, and apartments can get stuffy. Avoiding letting that happen to prevent dehydration and overheating.

Develop a Schedule

Raising a husky in an apartment is a bit like having a child.

You must make time to train and play with them. You can’t simply put out food and water.

Plan their exercise time around yours. Take your husky with you if you go for morning or evening runs.

You may want to try reorganizing your apartment to make more room for your husky.

More space will give them a chance to roam around during the day. It’s not a complete exercise plan, but it does create an opportunity to move a little.

Training, Training, Training

It’s crucial to potty train your husky if you live in an apartment. You won’t have a backyard, so you must have an alternative plan.

There are two methods for potty training your husky.

The first, and more popular choice, is to get a pee pad. You might need to leave your dog for long periods, so create a designated spot that they know is for their business.

You should take them down for potty breaks every hour or so if you don’t want a pee pad in your apartment. It’s a good way to get in a little exercise and will help keep their minds active.

Huskies are prone to destroying things if they get lonely and have no training.

Make sure you do the training when raising a husky in an apartment.

Exercise is Crucial for a Husky

No matter what, you must exercise your husky every day if you raise it in an apartment.

Huskies will start destroying things if they don’t get enough exercise. You must be willing to walk in rain, hail, snow, and fire to exercise your husky.

The ideal exercise routine is a 1-hour walk or runs every morning and evening.

On weekends, try taking them to a park for a few good hours of outdoor playtime and exercise.

Play together rather than letting them roam free. Huskies are very social animals. They love spending time with their owners.

Exercise can prevent destructive behaviors in huskies.

A small white dog puppy breed siberian husky with beautiful blue eyes lays on grey carpet with bear toy.

Leave Enough Mental Stimulation

Huskies get bored easily, not to mention they love digging and jumping. When you couple this with high intelligence, it’s a recipe for disaster.

You must provide enough mental stimulation to your husky when raising them in an apartment.

There are many different things you can try with your husky to keep their brains active. It will help distract them from being in an apartment and is a great way to bond with your precious pet.

Leave plenty of toys for them. They will have fun playing with them, and it’s a source of comfort.

Teaching them one new trick a day or creating simple food puzzles for your husky to solve helps with mental stimulation.

Food puzzles are easy to make. You can hide food around your apartment and get them to find it.

Stuff toilet rolls with food and watch them figure out how to get it out. You can also hide treats in a box, cover them with leaves, and hide it in your apartment.

Your husky will love foraging for their food because of the digger inside them.

You can also buy mentally stimulating games for your husky if you don’t have the time to make puzzles yourself.

These are simple steps to keep your husky happy and prevent them from damaging your apartment.

Monitor Food and Water for Your Husky

Huskies have thick fur and sweat a lot in warmer climates.

An apartment can get quite stuffy, so it’s important to leave adequate food and water when you’re away. They will also bark and howl when they don’t have access to nourishment.

A great way to do this is with food and water dispensers.

Your husky will always have access to whatever nutrition they need in a day. Some dispensers help prevent overeating.

They have timers to release the food at different moments throughout the day.

Remember to fill the water dispenser as much as you can. Avoid overfilling the food dispenser.

You will raise a happy husky in an apartment if you make sure to meet these basic needs when you’re not around.

Avoid Teaching Your Husky to Howl

Huskies are a rather noisy breed, but it’s even worse if they howl. Your landlord may evict you if the noise complaints start to pile up.

If you have a pup, train the howl away.

It might seem wrong, but it’s the only way to ensure you minimize the noise. You can train your husky to stop howling if they already know how to howl.

Retraining your husky’s brain to stop howling is a great source of mental stimulation for them. Your husky will enjoy learning.

Remember to use a lot of positive reinforcement when training your husky.

Cleaning Must Be a Daily Routine

Even with all these other measures in place, you’re still going to have a fair amount of mess when raising your husky in an apartment.

Huskies shed a lot. They also love to jump and play, so they often knock things over.

Before you leave your place, always remember to hide valuable objects in locked closets or cabinets.

Huskies are smart. They can learn to open cupboards and rummage through your things.

You must clean every day to get rid of all the hair and prevent permanent damage like stains or scuff marks. Huskies are also prone to fleas and ticks, so regular cleaning will help prevent infestations in your apartment.

Get a Sitter or Find a Doggy Daycare

You can set up a brilliant daily routine with your husky even if you have to be away from the house for a long time. They will be fit and healthy with enough training, exercise, and attention.

That said, huskies are the extroverts of the dog world. They get lonely quickly.

You should consider hiring a dog sitter or taking your husky to a doggy daycare if you know you’ll be away from your house for more than 8 hours a day.

It’s far better to use these services than to leave your pup alone all day. They will get agitated and destroy things.

You can also try getting another pet to keep your husky company. It isn’t the best solution, but it can help.

You can train your husky to be alone. 

Woman with husky at home

6 Reasons Not to Raise a Husky in an Apartment

Realistically, you might not be able to commit to the rigorous exercise plan your husky will need if it lives in an apartment.

Here are the reasons it’s better to avoid raising a husky in an apartment.

Lack of Time

You will need a lot of time to raise a husky in an apartment.

They need lots of attention and exercise. Huskies are naughty and intelligent. You must train them and provide enough mental stimulation to keep their brains active.

You might lead a busy lifestyle and not have the time to raise a husky in an apartment.

It’s better not to do it if there’s no room in your schedule for a big dog.

Huskies are Noisy

You can train your husky not to howl and bark, but that won’t always stop them. These dogs are like wolves after all.

Huskies are also exceptionally active, so they will run up and down a lot.

They also love digging and jumping, which adds new layers of noise into the mix.

Avoid raising a husky in an apartment if you have thin walls. Your neighbors won’t be happy, and you might get evicted.

If your apartment says it’s okay to have big dogs, it’s a good sign that your apartment has better soundproofing.

Low Heat Tolerance = Shedding

Huskies love the cold. They can live in temperatures as low as -75°F (-60°C).

Your apartment won’t ever get that cold. At least we hope not. Your husky will shed and shed a lot. You will have to leave windows open, even in winter, to keep the apartment a little cooler.

Huskies can get dehydrated if it gets too stuffy inside your apartment.

You might not like the idea of hair everywhere and constantly having to clean it up. Keeping the apartment a little cooler may be challenging for you if you’re sensitive to the cold.

Pack Instinct Can Make Them Destructive

Huskies are pack animals, so they get destructive when they live in isolation.

Your husky will need lots of time with you. They are social and love being around their family. You will be a member of the pack in their eyes.

You will need to spend a lot of time training and exercising your husky if you’re going to raise them in an apartment.

You don’t want to come home to find your furniture destroyed and the floorboards scratched.

Even with training, huskies are big dogs and may cause some damage.

If that’s not something you want, it’s better not to raise a husky in an apartment.

Escaping, Digging, and The Prey Drive

Your husky is like a wolf. It will try to escape because of the prey drive built into its genes.

They also love digging and will scratch at the floorboards if they don’t have the correct exercise.

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to exercise your husky.

Most recommend a minimum of two hours of walking or running a day. It might not be possible for you to commit to that amount of exercise.

Huskies Get Bored Easily

Huskies are super intelligent dogs. They love solving puzzles, foraging, and playing.

A husky that doesn’t have the correct mental stimulation will destroy your apartment out of sheer boredom.

What most of this comes down to is time. You will need loads of it to exercise and train your husky, to build food puzzles for them, to potty-train them, and to play with them because they need lots of love.

Raising a husky in an apartment takes time, and that can be a challenge for some. However, if you can tweak your schedule and implement the necessary changes, you can raise a husky in an apartment.