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Types of Betta Fish Tails With Prices

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Siamese fighting fish may not sound like the name of the fish you want to keep as a pet. But when you see these animals, more commonly known as Betta fish, their colorful beauty will almost certainly change your mind.

Betta fish

Betta fish are commonly kept as pets. This species of fish was discovered in Southeast Asia and is native to Thailand.

In their native habitat, betta fish were commonly exposed to extremes of flooding and droughts. This alternation in their environment promoted their adaptability and led to them becoming a true labyrinth fish.

As labyrinth fish, betta fish can breathe oxygen from the air. Hence, they can stay above the surface of the water and survive for a limited period of time. They can also survive for significant periods in oxygen-deficient water.

Betta fish typically live for 2-3 years, but some have lived far longer. They thrive in slightly acidic warm water and may fall ill easily in cold water.

Betta fish share many similarities, but you will find that they come with different beautiful tails. Their distinctive tails can affect help you tell different types apart and can also affect their purchase price.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the different tail types common to betta fish and what you can expect to pay for each.

Delta Tail

delta tail betta fish

The delta tail type is shaped like the Greek letter Delta (Δ). The tail is built like a triangle on its side; the starting point of a delta tail is narrow, but it becomes progressively wider away from that point.

The edge of a delta tail is uniform. There are no serrations, combing, or crowing.

The price of delta tail bettas ranges from around $10-$30. In many cases, individuals with rare or bright colors have their prices on the high side.

Super Delta Tail

blue super delta betta fish

Like the delta tail type, super delta tails are shaped like a triangle; the tail becomes wider as it moves away from the body.

However, the distinction between the super delta tails and delta tails is the flare angle. Super delta tails have a flare angle around 120-160°.

The cost of a super delta tail betta fish falls within the same range as that of a delta tail betta, roughly $10-30.

Crown Tail

red crown-tailed cock

The crown tail is one of the most common types of betta fish tails. This tail type is so named because it ends in spike-like projections. The spikey ends appear this way because of the reduced webbing toward the edge of the tail.

Male bettas with this type of tail are usually colorful with long tails. The females are noticeably different with much shorter tails. Crown tail betta fish prefer solitude, and they are aggressive and territorial.

The cost of a crown tail betta fish ranges from $5-30. You may pay more or pay less depending on the sex, color, and size of the fish.

Veil Tail

Red Betta Fish Veil Tail Breed

The veil tail is the single most common type of betta fish tail. Like the name says, veil tails take the form of a flowing downward veil.

The males have relatively longer tails than the females. On the other hand, female betta fish with veil tails have lighter colors, short tails, and fins.

Veil tail betta fish can be bred easily. Veil tail betta fish are not aggressive, and they are also not great swimmers.

Veil tail betta fish are inexpensive since they are not uncommon. They are typically priced between $2-5.

Double Tail

Betta splendens double tail fin

Double tail betta fish actually have 2 tails at the base of their bodies. These tails are separated due to a mutation. Betta fish with this tail type usually have long and large dorsal fins, too.

Double tail betta fish are not common because their offspring have low survival rates. If you intend to get a double tail betta, you may spend as much as $43 or as low as $6.

Comb Tail

The comb tail is similar to the crown tail in that it has rays or spikes along the edges.

The difference between the two is in the length of the protruding rays. If the protruding rays are less than 1/3 of the tail, then it is a comb tail rather than a crown tail.

If you intend to breed a comb tail betta, you’ll have to adapt selective breeding to achieve success. Comb tail betta fish can cost as low as $4, but they could go for way more since they are selectively bred.

Halfmoon Tail

halfmoon betta

Halfmoon tail bettas have a distinctive look with a tail that flares to 180°. With this shape, the tail appears like a semicircle or half moon.

Halfmoon tail betta fish are aggressive, making them a bit hard to breed. They are only bred while held captive and are not found in the wild. You may have to pay $10-34 to get a halfmoon tail betta fish depending on the seller.

Spade Tail

Spade tail betta fish have tails that look like the spade in a pack of playing cards. You could also say their tails are shaped like an onion bulb. They flare out in the mid-region, then curve and converge into a point at the end.

Spade tail betta fish are not aggressive, and on average, they cost $15.

Half-Sun Tail

Half-sun tail betta fish were created by selectively breeding half-moon tail and crown tail betta fish. Half-sun tails flare to 180° like halfmoon tails. They also have the spikey rays characteristic of crown tails.

Half-sun betta fish are a bit aggressive. Since these betta fish are less common, you should contact a local seller for specific pricing and sourcing.

Over-Halfmoon Tail

Over Half Moon Betta

As the name says, the over-halfmoon tails are like halfmoons, but they flare over 180°. The shape of the tail on this betta fish extends beyond a semi-circle in appearance.

The over-halfmoon tail should sell at about the same price as the halfmoon tail betta, roughly $10-34 depending on the vendor.

Plakat Tail

Plakat Betta fish swimming

Plakat tails are a bit atypical compared to other betta fish tail types. Plakat tails are round and short; their fins are also relatively short.

They have strong jaws and bodies, and they are thought to be the prime betta fish. Plakat tail bettas are very active and aggressive. They cost an average of $6.

Rose Tail

Rose tail betta

Rose tail betta fish are similar to half-moon tails, but the rays of the tail project like branches, giving the edges a rose-like appearance.

Rose tail betta fish sell for around $16.

Feather Tail

Feather tails are like rose tails in shape and fullness. Feather tails are distinguished by the more ruffled, or feathery, appearance of their tail rays.

Feather tails should sell within the price range of half-moon feathers since they are a variant, approximately $10-34.

Dumbo Ear

dumbo ear betta fish

Last on our list is Dumbo Ear betta fish. This type is not distinguished by its tail. Instead, Dumbo Ears betta fish have large pectoral fins that appear like an elephant’s ears on each side.

Dumbo ear betta fish sell for about $11.

Tail TypePrice ($)Pet/Breeding Quality
Crown5-30Easy to breed and great as pets
Comb4Requires selective breeding
Veil2-5Easy to breed
Super Delta10-30
Double6-43Should not be bred with other types; the survival rate of their babies are low.
Plakat6Very aggressive.
Dumbo Ear12Can be bred into any tail type
Half-moon10-34Naturally aggressive
Half-SunA bit aggressive
Rose16A bit aggressive; generally not the best pet for new owners.
Spade15Make great pets.