11 Beautiful Long-Legged Dog Breeds

There’s something about dogs with long legs that makes them appear graceful and full of life. Long legs usually mean your dog is a good runner, and light on its feet.

Here are some beautiful long-legged dog breeds.

Perhaps what is the prototypical long-legged dog breed, the greyhound oozes grace and speed. They walk around like a coiled spring ready to go when you give the command.

The Greyhound

Azawakhs are a less common dog breed, but people who are familiar with this breed know how beautiful they are. There’s something about the proportions on this dog that seem balanced and graceful. 


Whippets are similar to greyhounds and miniature greyhounds in that they have long, delicate legs. These tiny dogs only grow to as much as around 35 lbs and are an ideal lap dog for people who want something smaller.