Coyote Husky Mix

Coyote-husky mixed dogs do pose some problems for their owners and special considerations should always be taken if you decide to adopt one of these animals.

Coyote-husky crosses are often referred to as coydogs or canid hybrids.

Coyote-husky hybrid coydogs can vary greatly in their size. They will typically be no smaller than a coyote, at least around 20lbs but usually closer to the 40 pound mark since huskies are much larger on average.


The color of a coyote-husky hybrid can vary based on the region the coyote is from and the color of the husky it is bred with. Coyotes usually have a mixed coat of colors including red or grey mixed in with black and shades of white.


Coyote-husky hybrid coydogs will probably have brown eyes, although it is entirely possible for them to have blue eyes as well