Coyote-Pitbull Mix Dogs

In recent years, pet owners have seen an explosion in different crossbreeds that bring more options to the pet marketplace.

An extremely intelligent mix, coyote crossbreeds mix the wild coyote with domestic dogs to make truly unique puppies and something most people have never seen before.

Coyote dog mixes, or coydogs for short, are smart, high-energy dogs with, as you might expect, a bit of a wild streak.

What to Expect with a  Coyote Dog Mix

Typically, coydogs are not pack dogs and aren’t really the best dogs for families with small kids mainly because they're not predictable.

Coydog Personality

Pitbulls are wonderful pets for a lot of people, but they still struggle with a bad reputation and owners who don’t know how to handle them.

Coydog-Pitbull Mixes