13 Types of Talking Parrots

Talking parrots are a great pet if you’re looking for something beyond the traditional cat or dog.

Here’s some information on some species of talking parrots and how much you can expect to pay for them.

This bird is a very clever talker, and with some training, you’ll be speaking in complete sentences with your pet as you move around the house or sit on the couch together. It’s small in stature, making it easier to own in an apartment or smaller residence.

The Indian Ringneck

These are very colorful birds that are whip-smart and love to be around humans. They are known as social birds and will be happy to engage with you, your family, and your friends with a good vocabulary.

Monk Parakeets

The African Grey parrot is perhaps the smartest of all talking parrots. Their intelligence ranks them among the smartest birds in the world. These amazing animals can go toe to toe with a toddler’s vocabulary. They can be very expressive, sing songs, and engage in witty banter.

The African Grey