What Animals Besides Fish Can Live in a 10 Gallon Tank –  9 Amazing Pets

Have an old 10-gallon tank laying around and don’t want to give fish another try?

Let’s discover what pets – that aren’t fish – will fit nicely in your 10-gallon fish tank.


If spiders don’t freak you out, then you should think about a tarantula for a pet. They’re usually more docile and pet-friendly than you think. You can hold them, carry them, and pet them.

Green Anole Lizard

This lizard is native to the U.S., and does well in groups or living alone. The main thing you need to know with green anoles is that you should only have one male in each enclosure.

Pygmy Chameleons

Chameleons are very popular as reptile pets because they move slowly, change colors beautifully, and they are very amenable to being held.