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Best Cat Breeds for First-Time Owners

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So, you’ve decided to have a cat but don’t know where to start. With so many cat breeds out there, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose which one is the best for you.

If it is your first time getting a cat, why not start with a breed that’s highly available and easy to care for? If you’re not sure what those breeds are, don’t worry! In this article, we’ve listed fifteen breeds for you to consider.

Depending on your preferences, some cats on this list may or may not fit your lifestyle. So, without further ado, we share with you the best cat breeds for first-time owners:

1. Abyssinian

an Abyssinian cat sitting comfortably near the window

Known for their intelligence, the Abyssinians are one of the oldest cat breeds in the world!

These cats tend to be playful as they grow older. They can play for hours with their toys, but they also enjoy playing with their owners. They are curious cats that enjoy exploring their environment.

While they are active cats who will keep you entertained, Abyssinians are not the cuddliest or most affectionate cat breed out there. They do like human companionship, but they would rather stay near you than be on your lap.

Since they are playful, social cats, it’s better if Abyssinians can be in the company of another animal in the house while you’re not around. They are also easy to care for, which makes them a great addition to any kind of home environment.

2. American Shorthair

an American Shorthair sleeping on a bed

The American Shorthair is a muscular, medium-sized cat with very thick bones. Their short coats shed, but brushing their hair a couple of times per week will remove dead and loose hair, as well as help distribute skin oils that keep their coat shiny.

When it comes to their personality, the American Shorthair is known to be easygoing and friendly. They are especially good with kids and can spend time with them without any problem.

They’re not demanding of your attention and can keep themselves occupied for hours. For this reason, American Shorthairs make good companions for people who are busy.

3. Bengal

Bengal cat under a white sheet on top of the bed

You can easily identify a Bengal due to its distinct coat pattern and color. Having a similar look to cheetahs, this breed possesses a bright orange to light brown coat, with a dark marbling pattern.

Grooming their coat is relatively easy. Aside from them being excellent self-groomers, Bengals also don’t shed much.

This breed won’t mind being surrounded by kids, puppies, or a busy environment so long as they are socialized from an early age. They are playful cats who don’t mellow down even as they get old.

With an athletic body, curious minds, and a confident disposition, Bengals surely need human attention. Although they are okay with having other people and animals around, they tend to be territorial, therefore it is best if they’re the only cat at your home.

4. Birmans

A breed with an undeniably strong charisma, Birmans can easily be distinguished from the crowd due to its blue eyes, brown nose, and “white-gloved” paws.

Known to be sweet, gentle, and quiet, Birmans make an excellent choice for first-time owners. This breed will communicate with its people through its soft voice. They’re also playful cats who prefer being around their family, and that includes both children and other animals in the house.

5. British Shorthair

a British Shorthair cat sitting comfortably on a gray sofa

The British Shorthair is the perfect definition of a balanced feline when it comes to being social yet independent. Out of curiosity, they tend to follow their people everywhere.

They enjoy playing with you or with the kids in the house, although they don’t really like being carried around. While they are not considered a lap cat, the British Shorthair has no problem cuddling on the couch with its owner.

Although the British Shorthair can be of any color, the blue (gray) coat is the most common. Weekly brushing is enough to keep their coats in their best condition, although they might need to be brushed more often during their shedding season, which happens twice a year.

6. Devon Rex

Devon Rex cat sitting on the grass outdoors

Considered the pixie of the feline world, the Devon Rex has a mischievous-looking face, large eyes, and oversized ears.

Their personality is often compared to dogs. They are incredibly social cats who prefer being around their owner.

They enjoy learning new tricks, and they wag their tails when they’re happy. For this reason, this cat breed is not ideal for busy owners.

The Devon Rex has a curly coat that’s similar to a Poodle. They are low shedders but they do require occasional brushing and bathing to keep their coats clean and sleek.

7. Maine Coon

Maine Coon cat sitting in a garden

Regarded as the largest cat breed, the Maine Coon is known for its calm and friendly personality. In fact, they’re mostly compared to dogs because they can be walked on a leash, and you can also play fetch with them!

Also known as the gentle giant of the feline world, this breed loves to follow its people around the house, although they are not demanding of your attention. It is one of the cat breeds that enjoy playing with its family, including kids.

The Maine Coon is intelligent, highly trainable, and can adapt well to different environmental settings.

They also have excellent hunting skills, so if you don’t mind having wildlife gifts or trophies in the morning, then you won’t have a problem with this large feline.

8. Oriental Shorthairs

Oriental Shorthairs sitting on top of the bed inside a room

This breed loves to be part of anything that you’re doing. So, expect them to lie on your keyboard while you’re typing, watch you while you make breakfast, and they will even meow at you while you take a quick shower.

Therefore, if you want a cat that’ll stick by your side no matter what, then this breed is highly recommended.

Having short, glossy hair, this breed requires only minimal grooming.

9. Persian

a fierce looking Persian cat sitting outdoors

If you prefer a fluffy cat, then you might want to consider the Persian. This breed has a long, thick, shiny coat that makes it look like a living stuffed animal.

Considered as one of the most popular cat breeds out there, this breed has become known for its sweet and quiet personality.

Although they may need some time to warm up to their new environment, these cats will slowly open up and be comfortable in no time. However, Persians tend to be selective on who they’ll be comfortable with.

Although they can happily spend time sitting on their human’s lap, this breed would also be fine watching their environment from afar.

Because of their beautiful fur, Persians will need regular grooming to prevent hair from sticking to clothes and furniture. Bathing them once a month is also ideal to keep their long coats clean and sleek.

10. Ragdoll

Ragdoll cat comfortably lying on the sofa

Different from most cats, Ragdolls are affectionate, loving cats who enjoy their human’s attention. If you’re looking for a cuddly cat, then this is the one.

Ragdolls show affection through greeting their people, following them everywhere, laying on their laps, and even cuddling with them on the sofa.

They are intelligent cats who enjoy playtime. They may learn tricks and commands such as fetch, so long as positive reinforcement techniques are used during training. They are adaptable cats who get along well with every family member, including other animals.

Ragdolls are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds out there. Their semi-long plush coat will shed all throughout the year, but more heavily during spring and fall. Although they constantly shed, regular brushing is important to keep their fur free from tangles and mats.

11. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold cat playing with yarns

The Scottish Fold is famous for its cute folded ears, hence its name.  This cat breed is smart, curious, and loves human affection. Since they are social cats, Scottish Folds will follow you around the house.

They also make great playmates for children since they are active and tolerable of them. It would be better if they get a feline sibling or a cat-friendly dog that they can play with if you’re not around.

They are calm and gentle cats who are usually not affected by loud noises, which is a good thing if you live in a busy or noisy environment.

Aside from socializing with their humans and other animals in the house, these cats also enjoy playing with challenging puzzle toys to stimulate their minds. 

Scottish Folds shed all year, but more heavily during spring and fall. They come in two coat varieties: long-haired and short-haired.

The short-haired variety needs to be brushed every week, while the long-haired needs brushing more often, about a few times per week.

12. Siamese

Siamese cat in front of a spring flower

If you don’t mind having a kitty that loves to vocalize, then the Siamese is a great choice. This breed tends to be noisy, especially during play time. They are intelligent and fun-loving cats who enjoy their human’s attention.

They also get along with other cats and animals. As a matter of fact, it is recommended to get them a playmate since they are very social cats.

While they can be playful and active, the Siamese enjoys snuggling with their family. They are smart cats who need to be kept mentally stimulated through challenging puzzle games and feeders.

When it comes to their physical appearance, one of their distinct features is their point coloring, which means that their ears, feet, and tails tend to be darker than the other parts of their body. Another remarkable feature of the Siamese is their deep blue eyes.

With short and shiny hair, Siamese are definitely easy to groom. If you don’t want cat fur on your clothes and furniture, then consider this breed.

However, combing their hair every week is recommended to evenly distribute skin oils and remove dead and loose hair.

13. Somali

A cat that resembles a fox, the Somali has a medium coat with a bushy tail that comes in ombré color. It is the kind of cat that craves human attention and affection. They enjoy playing, but also enjoy snuggling with their family.

The Somali is a highly intelligent cat who can easily learn tricks and commands, which includes learning mischievous acts such as opening cupboards. In addition, they are adaptable cats who won’t mind adjusting to new environments and situations.

14. Sphynx

Sphynx cat sitting on top a table near the Christmas tree

Known as the hairless cat, the Sphynx is best for people who want a cat but hate having cat fur all over their home.

While they do not shed, this cat breed requires frequent bathing. They are also suitable for allergy sufferers who want a cat as their pet.

While they are unique in appearance, these cats are very cuddly and affectionate to their family. They are also quite playful and will keep you entertained all day. Sphynxes thrives on human company, making them ideal for homes with lots of people.

15. Adult rescue cat

Perhaps one of the best cats to adopt are those that we call “rescue” cats. There are tons of them in animal shelters, and you may choose one that best fits your lifestyle and personality through the help of the rescue officer.

Just remember that like all humans, every cat is unique in personality. Before adopting one, you may ask the breeder what the cat is like before taking it home. But, keep in mind that a cat can live a long and happy life.

And that ends our list of the best cat breeds for first-time owners. I hope that by now you have already decided which cat best fits your home. If you enjoyed today’s content and find it helpful, feel free to share it with your family and friends!