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Big Fluffy Dog Breeds That Are Black and White

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There are many fluffy dog breeds, and it can be hard to choose one for your family since most are beautiful and friendly.

Black and white fluffy dog breeds are popular and come in varying sizes, from small, and medium, to large.

Before you consider having one, however, there are a couple of factors that you have to consider to ensure maximum comfort for both you and your dog.

How ready are you to groom your dog? Fluffy black and white dog breeds, especially, need frequent, proper grooming and maintenance.

If possible, daily brushing and growing out of the coat is appropriate to maximize the fluffiness.

A slicker brush is most appropriate for this, since it separates the individual hairs, as well as removing any dirt, mats, and tangles.

Also, use an anti-shed shampoo when cleaning your fluffy pet.

Below is a list of big fluffy dog breeds that are black and white, and could make a good companion for you and your family.

Large Sized Black and White Fluffy Dogs

1. Landseer

Three Landseer dogs playing at a park

This is a gigantic breed with a noble look.

They are exactly like a Newfoundland dog but in black and white.

They are originally from Canada, with their descent believed to be from livestock guardian dogs and water dogs imported by Basque and Portuguese fishermen.

Among the major outstanding features of this breed are a massive head and a short and square muzzle. They also have deep-set eyes, almond shaped and dark brown in color.

Set high on the head, the ears are triangular and pendant-like. The lips are distinctively clean and black, but with an indistinguishable overlap of the upper lip.

The head, ears, and the rest of the body are characteristically covered by fine fur, making them fluffy.

The black and white Landseer was popular during the Victorian era compared to those of solid black.

Just like the Newfoundland dog, this breed does perfectly well both on land and water. They are known to naturally have life-saving instincts whenever a need for rescue occurs.

Even though they can be shaggy, these big breeds are great cuddling companions.

They are famed for being kind, affectionate, and super patient, making him ideal for families and great with kids.

They are however sensitive and can at times feel lonely, so it’s best for them to have companionship.

The Landseer is a pretty intelligent animal, which makes it easy to train, especially with positive reinforcement. This enables them to quickly learn tasks and tricks and develops their memory recall to perfection.

Handling and training them, the owner needs to have clear, precise but calm commands, as they respond better to this, compared to other commands.

They may be slow to respond, majorly due to their size, but they are not known to be stubborn.

2. The Border Collie

a Border Collie biting sticks at a park

The Border Collies were specifically bred to be sheep-herders.

They have good energy and are also quick and fast on their feet, which explains their restlessness throughout the day.

Their main outstanding feature is their luscious and fluffy fur coats, mainly dominated by black and white.

They date back to the days of the Viking invasion of Britain, and when the original Viking dogs bred with the local dogs, the Border Collie, who is an agile herder was born.

His unmatched energy makes him suitable for hilly landscapes.

Today, the Border Collie is one of the most important family members for their owners, as their herding instincts automatically give them the responsibility for every other being in the house, like cats, other small animals, and even kids.

They are the best herders, and they do it with lots of care.

3. Tibetan Terrier

tibetan terrier gazing

This breed was specifically created for friendship and companionship.

They totally love being with people, are affectionate, smart, gentle, fun-loving, and can easily adapt to any home and environment.

Their most outstanding feature is the double coat, consisting of a long fine top-coat, and a wooly warm underneath. The fur might be straight or wavy. They also have large, flat snowshoe feet.

This breed, however, is known to have a lot of energy and need frequent exercising, which means that to maintain their stunning and outstanding shaggy long hair, you have to do a lot of grooming.

They do not like being left alone for long hours. They crave attention and spending time with the owner.

They are also great watchdogs who will bark at anything suspicious.

They, therefore, need lots of socialization from a young age, like sights, sounds, people, and experiences, so that they grow to be well-rounded dogs.

4. Old English Sheepdog

a black and white Old English Sheepdog standing on a rock

Behind that shaggy coat is a large athletic breed with great abilities in herding.

Others might say they resemble bears because of their size and the huge amount of fur on their bodies.

Historically, they were used to help herd and drive sheep and cattle to their grazing fields or the market, with their origins having been the British Isles in the 18th century.

They are highly obedient, agile, and adaptable, and can adapt well to any environment provided they get enough exercise through walks and active playing sessions.

They are fun-loving, loyal, protective, and loving, and can be a great family companion.

They are strong-willed, playful, and energetic. Qualities best put into training, where the dog shows total obedience, interest, and is quick to learn.

This breed needs enough physical and mental exercise, achieved through regular training.

.They make excellent and brave watchdogs, and are also gentle, especially with the kids.

Though shaggy, their coats do not shed as much as you would think. But as they grow older, their coat might shed more and turn into shades of silver or grey.

5. Portuguese Water Dog

black and white Portuguese Water Dog sitting on the top of the rock near the lake

As their name suggests, they are good swimmers and are fishermen’s favorite helpers.

They were originally bred to help fishermen off the coast of Portugal, with their main duties and skills being to herd fish into the nets, retrieve equipment, pull nets, relay messages to coasts, and help in water rescue missions.

They love being around people and are very gentle.

This breed is highly intelligent, enthusiastic, and has a lot of energy, making it easy to train.

They are most suited for homes close to lakes, rivers or pools, because they naturally love water. They have naturally black and white curly coats full of fluffiness, but they don’t shed much.

However, since they are heavy and curly, they require frequent grooming like daily combing and brushing.

6. Harlequin Great Dane

Harlequin Great Dane resting outdoors

This is a gigantic dog breed with an average size of 32 inches at the shoulder. They are taller than most other dogs, and even other people when standing on their hind legs.

The ‘harlequin’ is a name given to them because of their black and white pattern.

They are powerful dogs full of elegance and balance, who make excellent home watchdogs. Additionally, simply their size is enough to intimidate intruders.

They are courageous dogs full of spirit and obedience, making it easy for them to be trained. 

They do not, however, need much training, and a few walks are enough to keep it physically and mentally fit.

They are naturally born with deep sophisticated hues of black and white and can grow even beyond 200 pounds.

Furthermore, they are highly alert, protective, friendly, and patient with kids and other animals.

Other Fluffy Black and White Breeds

1. Dalmatian

a Dalmatian dog standing in the green field

The Dalmatian is a naturally born black and white dog.

It is famed for having so much energy that it was historically used as a coach dog to help clear the way while comfortably racing alongside horses.

Not many people adopt this breed because they require so much time and attention to train. It is recommended that you have a large backyard or playground because they require frequent exercises like running, hiking and walking.

They are excellent watchdogs, friendly and gentle, making great companions.

2. Japanese Chin

a Japanese Chin hiding in a stack of crochet clothing

Originally from parts of Japan, China, and Korea, this breed is highly adaptable to any new environment.

Their most outstanding feature is the natural black and white fur which despite being long, does not shed much.

They are charming, playful, and friendly, making them great for friendship and companionship.

Maintaining their color requires frequent grooming.

They love being clean and vehemently dislike being messy and dirty. They are also known to be excellent watchdogs and are loyal to their owners.


Fluffy dog breeds are famed to be friendly dogs but could prove hard to maintain because they need proper and frequent grooming.

The larger dogs could also be more difficult because they require more exercise.

Despite this, they can make some of the best companions for your home and family.