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Can a German Shepherd Kill a Coyote?

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German Shepherds are the dog breed closest to the coyote in appearance.

A German Shepherd’s instinct is strong and protective and it is always willing to defend its territory.

Coyotes are territorial like the German Shepard, and sometimes, they invade a German Shepherd’s territory.

But what happens when these two canines encounter each other? Would the German Shepherd kill the coyote?

Can a German Shepherd Kill a Coyote? Yes, a German Shepherd can kill a coyote.

German shepherd running in a green field

However, in a fight, either one of them can come out victorious. The outcome of a brawl between these animals depends on various factors, including experience and age.

But it is worthy to note that the bite of a German Shepherd holds more force than that of a coyote.

As you may expect, there is more to what may happen when a German Shepherd and a Coyote battle.

So, in the rest of this article, we delve into the details of what would happen if coyotes clash with German Shepherds.

We also talk about coyotes interactions with some other dogs.

Can a German Shepherd Kill a Coyote?

Yes, a German Shepherd can kill a coyote but their victory depends on several factors. Some of these factors include:


The German Shepherd’s age can affect the outcome of a fight against a coyote.

When a full-grown male German Shepherd squares off against a young coyote, there is a higher chance of the German Shepherd killing it.

A mature male German Shepherd is typically larger than a male coyote. So, a young coyote would be no match for it.

But when a young German Shepherd decides to square off against a full-grown coyote, it might end up losing its life to the coyote. 


Coyotes have a lot of experience living in the wild.

They defend their family, food, and territory. So, survival is a routine for them. Dogs, on the other hand, hardly have a reason to defend their possessions. 

When an altercation occurs between a German Shepherd and coyote, most times, the German Shepherd will run to safety ending the fight. 

But this also depends on the temperament of the German Shepherd.

Some aggressive Shepherds will stay and fight until the coyote dies. Others will flee early in the fight if things are not going their way.

If a German Shepherd decides to keep fighting, it may take a considerable amount of damage for the fight to end.

Which Dog Breed Can Kill a Coyote?

Coyotes are a nuisance, and they can also put your home and family at risk.

Coyotes kill and harm livestock and pets, and they also pose a threat to children. 

If you need a dog to protect your livestock, house, and family from coyotes, the dogs listed below are perfect for you.

Some of these dog breeds are strong enough to fight off even wolves.

The Šarplaninac 

Šarplaninac dog running while snowing

The Šarplaninac dog breed originated from the Balkans.

It is an excellent breed for guarding livestock, and it is strong, large, reliable, fierce, and protective. 

It may also be called the Illyrian Shepherd dog. 

Members of the Šarplaninac breed would have almost no issue warding off coyotes.

In fact, this breed is one of the few dog breeds that will pick up a win against a wolf.  

The Šarplaninac is a calm and devoted dog. But their strong instincts make them dangerous to wolves and coyotes.

They can also be quite stubborn and independent, and this makes these dogs difficult to train.

The Kangal

Turk Kangal dog standing on a snowy grass field

The Kangal is also referred to as the Turk Kangal because they are originally from Turkey.

This dog breed is also an excellent guardian for livestock. The Kangal is intelligent and powerful enough to fight and kill a coyote as well as other predators. 

This dog breed is quite popular in turkey because of its self-controlled and calm temperament.

The Kangal still possesses strong protective instincts making excellent guard dogs. 

The Kangal is also independent, smart, and can be stubborn sometimes. 

The Dogo Argentino

White Dogo Argentino laying on a green grass

The Dogo Argentino may not be as large as the Kangal or the Šarplaninac, but it has a solid muscular build.

Their dangerous nature and strong instincts enable them to fight and even kill coyotes if they have to. 

Originally from Argentina, the Dogo Argentino was used as a hunting dog. Dogo Argentinos were bred to be protective, fast, and strong.

These dogs fear nothing and will jump in to protect their homes and owners. 

The Tosa Inu

Tosa Inu dog standing on a green grass

The Tosa Inu is a large dog originating from Japan, where it was bred to fight.

This dog has no problem fighting with a coyote and other predators. 

The Tosa Inu is naturally suspicious and fearless. It is also aggressive and does not take too long to determine a coyote is a threat. 

Training a Tosa Inu can be tricky. And, for some reason, they are not allowed in some countries.

Any coyote facing off against a Tosa Inu is unlikely to remain alive.

The Alabai

black and white Alabai dog laying on a snowy ground

The Alabai is also referred to as the Central Asian Shepherd dog.

The Alabai was used to guard and protect livestock against predators.

It is large, has remarkable strength, and has strong protective instincts making it an excellent guard dog.

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is bold and shows no fear. 

Alabai does not hesitate to protect its home and owners. It makes them a dog to avoid for any coyote. 

The Mastiff

English Mastiff dog laying on the grass

The Mastiff is a large, popular English dog regarded as a gentle giant because of its affectionate personality.

This same personality makes it a good family dog.

The Mastiff can also be quite protective of its owners, which makes it an excellent guard dog. 

Despite its calm look, the mastiff are strong and will not back down from a fight.

If it squares off against a coyote, the mastiff will likely come out victorious. 

The Pit Bull

Brown pit bull staring straight in a dark background

Despite its bad reputation as being aggressive, the American Pit Bull Terriers are very affectionate dogs.

They are obedient and intelligent dogs and often look clownish due to their clownish personalities. 

The Pit Bull is strong and fierce. There are stories of Pit Bulls getting into fights with dangerous and large animals to protect their owners.

If they feel their owners are in danger, Pit Bulls can fight and even kill coyotes.

The Komondor

Komondor mop dog standing on a step of the stairs outside

The Komondor, also known as the Hungarian sheepdog, has an adorable look and personality.

Its long, white, and corded coat earned it the nickname the mop dog. 

In the past, The Komondor was a guard dog for livestock. In recent times they are kept as family dogs. 

The Komondor is courageous, loyal, and protective. They can fend off and kill coyotes and other predators to keep your family and home safe. 

The Great Pyrenees

White great Pyreness dog running under a sunny weather

The Pyrenean Mountain dog is also referred to as the Great Pyrenees. 

The Great Pyrenees is a patient, gentle and affectionate dog and is often called a gentle giant.

The Great Pyrenees is a strong and intelligent dog with no fear. It is loyal, confident, and can be very protective of its owners. 

In an altercation between the Great Pyrenees and a coyote, the coyote will probably run away before the fight starts because it may not survive.

The Cane Corso

black cane corso dog laying on the ground

The Cane Corso is one of the best working dogs due to its reserved nature, trainability, and even temper. Cane Corsos are calm, stable, and reliable.

The Cane Corso was originally bred to guard properties, and they were excellent at it. 

If a Cane Corso gets into a fight with a coyote, the coyote may be severely injured or even end up dead. 

What Dogs Are Coyotes Afraid Of?

Coyotes tend to invade homes in search of food.

One way to scare them off is by having a guard dog. Having a guard dog is the most effective way to scare off coyotes, especially if it is a big mean dog. 

Dogs like Akita, Rottweiler, Kangal, Mastiff, German Shepherd, or any similar large breed dog can be used as guard dogs to scare off a coyote.

However, be wary of coyotes because they are carriers of rabies and other diseases.

If you can, keep your dogs away from them. You would not want your dog to get infected by them.

A pack of determined coyotes will take down any large dog if they want to. 

So, if there are many of them, keep your dog safe. Try to scare the coyotes off through safer means.

What Type of Dogs Can Coyotes Kill?

Coyotes can attack and kill pets, even dogs.

They usually go after small dogs and cats under 25 pounds. Even a large dog can be susceptible to a coyote attack, especially if it is older.

Dog breeds like Beagle, Shiba, or Pug can be killed by a coyote and used as a snack. 

To protect your pets, ensure they do not roam free. Small dogs should be supervised and put on a leash regularly.

You can also install coyote-proof fences or kennels as a long-term solution. 

Fierce coyote standing on a grass near a road

What Smell Do Coyotes Hate?

People have used smell to keep away coyotes and prevent their numbers from increasing for a long time.

The smells used to keep coyotes away include rags soaked in ammonia, wolf urine, and mothballs. 

You can apply these deterrents around your home to keep the coyotes out.

You can also use them around your outside trash cans to mask any food odors. However, these deterrents need to be reapplied, so they can be expensive to maintain.

Final Thoughts

In a fight between a coyote and a German Shepherd, either of them can come out victorious.

The German Shepherd has its protective instincts and size on its side, while the coyote has experience and speed.

But a determined German Shepherd may eventually kill a coyote.