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15 Grey Cat Breeds

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All cats share certain physical features, including their large eyes, ultra-sensitive ears, and sharp claws.

But one feature they do not have in common is the color of their fur.

Cats come in various colors, including white, red, black, cream, grey, and many other colors.  But our focus in this article will be on grey cat breeds.

1. American Shorthair

American shorthair cat licking its paw

The American Shorthair has been in the US for over 400 centuries.

This breed of cat is known to be friendly, calm, and outgoing. No wonder they are one of the most treasured cat breeds.

While American Shorthairs might be outgoing and friendly, they are not clingy.

In fact, they do not like being carried. So, rethink getting an American Shorthair if you want a cat you can always hold.

American Shorthairs are muscular, strong, and athletic. Accordingly, they are playful.

Their coat is dense and short, and they come in many colors, including grey.

2. British Shorthair

grey British  shorthair cat siting on the floor

British Shorthair cats are related to the American Shorthairs. As expected, they share some similarities.

For one, they have similarly big, round heads. But those of the British Shorthairs do not get as stocky or large as that of the American.

Besides that, both breeds have similar coats – short, dense, and plush.

The most common color of the British Shorthair is grey.

But it is not the only color they come in.

British Shorthairs are markedly calm, easygoing, and affectionate. They are also independent even though they still make great companions.

3. Devon Rex

grey devon rex cat sitting on a rock

The physical appearance of the Devon Rex is a bit unusual. They’re pretty easy to identify.

Devon Rex cats have triangular heads, pointed faces, curly coats, large bat-like ears, and large round eyes.

Well, the summary of their appearance is captured by their nickname, Pixie of the Cat Fancy.

Devon Rexes look like little elvish creatures living in a forest. You won’t not forget that look easily.

Devon Rexes are outgoing, playful, and active. They sometimes display some pleasant silliness, which makes them a bit like dogs.

As already stated, most of the coat of Devon Rexes contains small curls. Although some parts may be hairless.

4. Egyptian Mau

grey Egyptian Mau laying down on a pink clothing

The Egyptian Mau is quite beautiful. It comes with well-patterned, short, and dense fur.

Egyptian Mau cats are one of the most attractive grey cat breeds, and while grey is the most common color with them, other colors do exist.

Egyptian Mau cats are playful, active, curious, loyal, and are generally great companions.

They participate in games and other fun activities with their humans. But in all of this, they are territorial.

5. Chartreux

Chartreux cat wearing a red bow tie

There are a few cat breeds that come only in grey, and Chartreux is one of them.

The Chartreux is the National cat of France, and it goes by many names. Some call it Potato on Toothpicks, while others call it the historic blue cat of France.

Chartreux is a sturdy cat with a wooly, dense coat. They are muscular, strong, and have a primitive body frame.

Chartreux is calm, affectionate, moderately active, intelligent, and quite curious.

Like most cat breeds, Chartreux cats are independent. But they still need some attention from their humans. Of course, this will mostly be on their terms.

Chartreux cats have vivid eyes that make them even more beautiful. They also have a prey drive that sets them apart as excellent hunters.

6. Korat

grey korat cat laying on top of the dining table

Like Chartreux, Korat is only available in grey. It is a cat breed native to Thailand and uncommon in the United States.

The Korat breed has been around for many years. In fact, it is one of the oldest extant cat breeds. Korats are markedly intelligent, and they show it a lot.

In their native Thailand, Korats were revered in earlier times. Their furs were said to be reminiscent of thunder clouds. In those times, Korats were given as good luck gifts.

Korats are muscular, agile, slim, and they have a shimmery coat alongside their green eyes.

They are laid back and sometimes shy with strangers. Nonetheless, they are affectionate and loyal to their humans.

They also love playing and attention.

7. Nebelung

nebelung cat sitting in front of its green feeding dish

Nebelung is another breed that comes only in a bluish-grey shade.

Nebelung cats have long, dense coats with green eyes – a charming combination. Yet, they appear to be uncommon.

Of course, since their coat is long, you should groom them regularly. This way, their fur will be free of tangles.

The name Nebelung translates to Creature of the Mist. If you consider the silvery hue of their coat, the name suits them.

Nebelungs are calm, shy, and playful. Sometimes, they can be mischievous. But if you pay a lot of attention to them, they are unlikely to be involved in mischief.

8. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest cat lying down on top of the table

While the Norwegian Forest Cat is commonly available as brown tabby, grey variants do exist.

This cat breed is one of the largest ones, and the members look a bit like wild cats. The hairs around their ears and the ruff of their neck are arranged like that of a lynx. Hence, the resemblance.

Norwegian Forest Cats have waterproof double coats, which offer protection against the elements.

They are adorable, and they adore their humans too. Norwegian Forest Cats are exceptional hunters, and they are agile climbers.

They are also somewhat talkative.

9. Oriental

gray oriental cat with leash on top of a wooden table in a backyard

The Oriental breed comes in over 300 colors and patterns, including grey. Of all the colors available, you are most likely to find them white.

Oriental cats have short hair, wedged faces, and eyes shaped like almonds. Their ears are shaped like those of bats, and their bodies are angular but long.

The ancestry of the Oriental breed traces back to the Siamese. Like their ancestors, Orientals are vocal and intelligent.

They are also sweet, loving, and you can teach them tricks. Orientals prefer to be in the company of another cat or a friendly pet dog. So, do your best to not let them be alone.

10. Persian

sleeping gray Persian cat on a sunny day

Persian cats with grey coats are also called Blue Persians. They come in various shades of blue, and they have plush, long fur.

Their fur requires regular grooming. So, they are not low maintenance.

Blue Persians are gorgeous and adorable. They are not highly active, but they are gentle and loving. This does not stop them from being discreetly playful.

You may get Persian cats in the Peke face variety or the doll face variety. The Peke face types have faces flat like that of a Pekingese dog. Hence, the name Peke.

11. Russian Blue

Russian blue cat breed creeping in the grass outside

Russian Blues are cousins to the Nebelung.

They come only in grey, and they have medium-length hair, unlike their Nebelung relatives. The double coat of Russian Blue is thick and plush – standing on end due to the said thickness.

Their coats are shiny, and their eyes are emerald green.

Russian Blues are renowned for their longevity. So, if you need a long-term companion, a Russian Blue should be perfect.

Members of this breed are active, affectionate, and a bit shy with strangers. They are not very vocal, and they are typically stuck on one member of a home. Although, they remain friendly to every other person.

12. Scottish Fold

Scottish fold cat laying in a corner with white background

Once you see those ears that fold forward, you can almost be sure it is the Scottish Fold.

Beyond their unique ears that earned them the “fold” in their names, Scottish Folds are big-eyed medium-sized cats.

They come as either short-haired or long-haired.

Scottish Folds have a sturdy, round appearance. They are talkative to an extent, loving, playful, and engaging.

13. Siberian

Siberian cat enjoying the sunlight outside

The Maine Coon might be the only domestic cat breed larger than Siberian cats.

Siberian cats have a triple layer of long, dense coat, which offers enough warmth for harsh cold winters.

Siberian cats originated from Russia, where they are the national cat.

They have been around for centuries, and they may have even been in existence as far back as the year 1000.

Siberian cats are uncommon in the United States. You will be hard-pressed to find one.

All in all, Siberian cats are playful, affectionate, and friendly.

However, they mature emotionally as slowly as they grow physically. Siberian cats are hypoallergenic, easy to train, and bold.

14. Sphynx

Sphynx cat sitting on a furry carpet in front of a white bricked wall

The Sphynx breed has a unique appearance. For one, Sphynx cats have little or no coat. They have big eyes, large, pointed ears, and triangular heads. Plus, they are pretty athletic.

Sphynx cats are outgoing. They have dog-like personalities and can sometimes be clownish.

Sphynx are not gentle, but they love people and do well around children, cats, and other friendly pets.

You have to groom Sphynx regularly due to their unique skin. So, if you are getting one of these, ensure you know how to groom them.

15. Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora cat looking straight with white background

Turkish Angora cats were formerly called Ankara cats.

They come in medium-length or long coats. While Turkish Angora is commonly seen in white fur, grey varieties also exist.

Turkish Angoras are slender and muscular with a long body frame. They have no undercoats and require moderate grooming.

While they are revered as one of the most affectionate cats, sudden environmental changes can upset them.

Turkish Angoras are playful, quiet, and loyal.